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you could probably add a leaderboard for the special edition game. I haven't played it yet and there is no run for it I think. But I'm just saying you could.


Right, I was wondering the same thing. Would the SE be a completely different game in terms of speedrun?


I think it should be added as a new game, so people don't get confused when looking for its name.
As a game, it's sort of different from the original game.


Was there ever a decision made on what happens in regards to this? I was thinking of starting running it on the Special Edition, but I guess there'll be some differences in terms of timing as I guess the speed glitch I was just reading about doesn't work there?

Either way. Are those runs submittable here?


For reference, what we did for Monkey Island 2 Special Edition was make a separate page for the game. They are different enough(if just slightly) to warrant different categories at least. In the end I'm not sure it was best to make a whole separate page, but here we are. So if someone wanted to make a separate page for Monkey Island 1 Special Edition go for it, or if you guys decide to just make a new category that is also cool. Paging @aWay0fLife What are your thoughts?

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It should be a separate game entirely IMO. Whether it is run in Special Edition graphics or Classic mode, the game is too slow compered to running on ScummVM (with or without speed glitch) and it's unfair for times set on SE to be on this board.

That's my 2 cents.


If anybody wants to run the Special Edition feel free to submit the game yourself. That is what I ended up doing when I started running Monkey 2 Special Edition.