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Forum: Toy Story Racer

Thread: Speed Technique Tutorial

Started by: TheRedhotbrTheRedhotbr

Recently I found a new speed tech while researching the game. I made a tutorial for this technique here:

I forgot to mention that the wall exploit doesn't work in downhill or uphills.

If you'd like to use to play with the in game variables showing on screen, you need to download BizHawk and then download this lua script:

Here's a lap example using save states that shows the techniques applied. This speed tech can save over 1s in multiple lap time trials.

I hope that this tutorial helps runners and future runners!

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Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: Best Setup

Started by: BlizzTHBlizzTH

As far as I'm aware, NTSC PSX games with PAL fps or PAL PSX games with NTSC fps is a problem of PS2 modchips (at least slim models). PS1 plays fine with the fps conversion, while PS2 fails. However I'd recommend buying a NTSC-J and a PAL console for time trials, cause those are the only two versions that you need.

About console models: for speedrunning it's a lottery game. PS2 of 39K and 30K models are the ones that people are using and have faster loads/lag in general. If you only care about time trials, a PAL PSX and a NTSC-J PSX is enough, PS2s are only needed when you want to do full game runs (cause you'd need the time saver of PS2 fast disc speed to have high level competition).

TVs: usually CRT TVs are fine.

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Forum: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PS1)

Thread: Controversial Quidditch Skip

Started by: TheRedhotbrTheRedhotbr

Sprash discussion archive:

Ok, so I misunderstood the meaning of ng+ (it's more like carried data+). This skip is definitely not for any%, perhaps the mods can create a NG+ category (or a similar one) that allows this menu abuse. Special thanks for IHNN.

So, to prevent menuing abuse for any% I'm requesting that runs shouldn't start when you get the option to play the quidditch league. This is very easily to avoid: reset the console/emulator, or quit the game before you beat quidditch 1 (in case you past quidditch 1, just go for a new game and quit it); otherwise, the file will carry your quidditch league wins that you had before. How about it?

@Burpman It will.


Forum: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PS1)

Thread: Controversial Quidditch Skip

Started by: TheRedhotbrTheRedhotbr

Recently I figured out a way to skip Quidditch 1 + Neville's Quidditch minigame, the information about it is here:

I'm questioning myself about it. You need to make a campaing progress to do this skip; however, you only use a fresh new file after that, so it definitely is not a NG+ trick.

You can't ban a run because the runner in order to reset decided to "quit the game" and start a new run by just menuing, this is exactly what I do when I run the game (specially in my old console attempts). On the other hand, as I've written in the pastebin, a campaing progress has to be done to unlock the quidditch league.

So, can we use this skip in any%?


Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: BAD ISO

Started by: PonPon

Unfortunatelly CTR has issues on PAL emulation. This means: if you wanna run CTR on an emulator, use either NTSC-U (anything except all cups) or NTSC-J (all cups).

Exception: time trials must be done on console, so your times will be rejected if you use otherwise.

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Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: Discussion of what to be done about the situation with Mergy

Started by: Kollin7Kollin7

Our situation basically is: we can't proove either that #000 is a glitch or Mergy is a cheater.
This is what I myself strongly believe:
Thats so unfortunate, cause if he IS NOT a cheater and we delete his times (and ban him from FM boards, whatever), we would not be ethical.
Beside that, if he has cheated and we keep his times on the boards, we would not be ethical.
It's quite unlikely to proove that #000 is a real glitch, but thats not 100% confirmed; otherwise, reserach people imediately would tell to ban Mergy.

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Forum: Crash Twinsanity

Thread: Glitchless Category

Started by: robthegamer115robthegamer115

Glitchless is a stupid idea: if you slidejump once, you setup a 'glitch' that is the longjump glitch, so this kind of category would be too boring. You can still go slow if you refuse to get good, and submit your run as any%/100%/All Levels.


Forum: Crash Bash

Thread: Rilla is faster than every character in the game.

Started by: Tyler9698Tyler9698

An extra reason to hate Rilla.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Let's have emus unbanned please

Started by: SCTSCT

Speeding up the gameplay by 1.012% in 1:40 hours gives you an advantage that is over ONE minute, just because you decided to play in a dead emulator. This doesn't even count the time saved by lag and loads. How can this difference be "insignificant"?

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Forum: Toy Story Racer

Thread: Unlock Challenge Cheat Doesn't Work

Started by: OrganizedTacoOrganizedTaco

Why are you using PAL on the first place? It's most likely being slower than NTSC due to low frames per second. Also, this cheat might be NTSC-U only. Also, according to cheatcc: Cheat mode
Wait until the demonstration mode begins. Press any button to display the title screen, then press Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Square, X, Triangle(2), X, Square, Circle. Go to the challenge screen and press Square on any challenge. This will unlock every race and racer.

Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives


Forum: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PS1)

Thread: Harry Potter's Speedrun : Tips & Tricks

Started by: NanonymNanonym

I myself believe this topic is useless; there is a guide section on that we add guides of this game ( ). These guides should be ok to anyone who is beggining the game; however, if you still get questions on any trick in this game feel free to ask here.


Forum: Crash Twinsanity

Thread: fountain skip

Started by: tarnawinatarnawina

I have done this video:

I would be glad if it helps anyone who is strugling to learn this skip.

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Forum: Toy Story Racer

Thread: Change the timing method of level leardboards

Started by: TheRedhotbrTheRedhotbr

I am not sure if the second option is viable, but it's still the most precise idea.

The first option seems fine; however, it will be easier to have tied world records because the timing is not precise, but it's surely more accurate than the one that is being use right now. I myself believe that using the In Game Time and doing the maths are ok, and if we get any kind of troubles we would still have the possibility to change it. Also, if you decide to use the IGT idea, you might want to specify in the leardboard rules what time you need to subtract to do the maths. I certainly would change to IGT timing (doing maths as you said in your post).


Forum: Toy Story Racer

Thread: Change the timing method of level leardboards

Started by: TheRedhotbrTheRedhotbr

Hi. I have noticed that the RTA timing submitted in level leardboards are not accurate at all, so I am here suggesting it to change. Andy's House lap trial, for example, has almost 1s gap by the first and second positions, while in the 'in game time' Victor finishes only 0.4 ahead of the former world record time. I have gotten a time that finishes in 7.0 (0.5 faster than Victor's PB) - ; however, when I used Yua to see my RTA timing in this level, yet it was slower than Victor's PB:

So, I really want to see this issue fixed and the way to do is all up to you @remln64. After it I most likely be submitting my 7.0 WR 🙂

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Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: Any tips or guides for Oxide Station skip?

Started by: Tilts_Tilts_

I kinda do a 'u-turn' there without jump. I just break the kart and try to make coco go for the right spot without move, when I feel safe I take her control again and continue.


Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: Any tips or guides for Oxide Station skip?

Started by: Tilts_Tilts_

This video might help you. It is a really well video that explains how the shortcut works:

It is done using Penta in time trials, but it also works with Coco. If you want to see different examples of this shortcut using the female Bandicoot, here you go:

Faster tech for the first wall (it is harder and inconsistent to me than the video beneath this one): at 49:30

Slide in the first wall (95% consistent 😛, but a little bit slower): at 44:40

I would be glad if it help you 🙂

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Forum: FinnRuns 2015

Thread: Guest list to FinnRuns3

Started by: carskacarska



BensagRunning at FinnRuns >(

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot (Prototype Version)

Thread: Toxic Waste crash

Started by: TheRedhotbrTheRedhotbr

This level is know by crashing your game sometimes after you beat the second enemy in the beggining; the reason of why it happens is simple: once the enemy is alive or even only on the game, and you jump to the next platform the game will crash. To avoid it is pretty simple:

¤ Spin the enemy and make sure to wait 1 second or so before jump to the next platform; if you spin he, then soon after jumo to the next platform the game will crash because his 'throwing animation' is still playing.

¤ Jump on the enemy. This is the best way and the only way I highly recommend, because the animation ends really quickly, so you don't need to wait where the enemy was before jump to the next platform.

I hope this topic will help any runner interested in this game!


Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: Minor Stuff

Started by: KarlieKarlie

On time trials Penta is just allowed because the community was french and didn't know abot the difference of versions. Then, when they realized the shit, they had no way to back in the past: Penta still allowed and will never be banned. It is not the old community fault, it's naughty dog fault tho.‏ I am just pointing it out because this same discussion already had on TT community.

Well, to make it fair for NTSC-U runners such as Flippy, Almark, ban Penta makes sense; if the goal of the category is optimize the cups anyway, then makes no sense since Penta is a character made to the game, unfortunatelly on a bad way to unlock (It is not a cheat IMO due to one reason: you cannot save cheat files. But you can save and keep Penta on memory card; I mean, if you use Ice cheat and save your file, turn off console and load again: there is no ice cheat on the game). By the way, other characters can also be unlocked by a cheat code, so banning Penta makes no sense on the "cheat argument".

Also, the competition will never be 100% fair even on categories that Penta is not allowed, due to game differences (for example, J completely sucks on every category except All Cups). Unfortunatelly Naughty dog didn't care about it.

In my opinion: using common sense, Penta should keep banned on Max%. About all cups, I really don't know, because I have reasons to agree and to don't agree.

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Thread: Credits skip discussion

Started by: BetaMBetaM

For any%: if it is becomes a thing, so that every run should be re-timed because the timer always stops when you press triangle, and not when the last Cortex's live has gone. As Ihavenoname248 said, it should count because you already beated the boss + you don't need do any other inputs due you already beated the last boss of the game (it is basically how any% works on every other Crash game).

105%: not sure if the game gives you 105% when you have all powerups + every item or when you have everything + beated Cortex at least once. I know that you don't need to re-fight Cortex if you already have done to make game shows 105%. I wonder what gives the "%": credits or running shoes.