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Thread: Pay Respects%

Started by: StompeeStompee

would it be faster to complete stasis shrine, and then scan in an amiibo?


Forum: Mario Kart 64

Thread: New Misc Category Suggestion No major skips

Started by: shawneyshawney

What is allowed and what isn’t? Try to be more specific


Forum: Mario Kart 64

Thread: Mario Kart Series High Score Category Pitch: Highest Point Lead

Started by: PrincessRescuerPrincessRescuer

This is good, but there should be an option for 1 player leader boards and 2 players.


Forum: Zelda

Thread: Navi Trackers

Started by: TheNewHeroOfTimeTheNewHeroOfTime

Does anyone know why Navi Trackers isn't a game listed on this website? It is a bonus game in the Japanese and Korean Versions of Four Swords Adventures, and it i defiantly a game that can be speed ran. I am just asking if anyone knows that answer, or if it could be added as a game. Thanks In advance!