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Forum: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Thread: Basic Training Category

Started by: TheMadWaspTheMadWasp

I'm surprised that there isn't a Basic Training category, well I went ahead and did a run of it for fun. If you decide to add the category here's my current PB.


Forum: Plants vs. Zombies (Mobile)

Thread: Question?

Started by: ChocolateTheGamingChocolateTheGaming

As long as it's a link to a working video, any method is fine.

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Forum: Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture Era 1

Thread: Does talking to the Native American/Totem before the Tribe Duel save time?

Started by: TolozenTolozen

I can't quite tell, it seems like it does as you're doing something mid-cutscene. Also it does mean you only have to speak to the tribesman once after the duel. At a guess it probably only saves a second, maybe two at a stretch.


Forum: Speedrun Squad

Thread: rules

Started by: TheMadWaspTheMadWasp

R U L E S ?


Forum: The Sims 2

Thread: More specific rules (Max Skills)

Started by: java_finchjava_finch

Updated the rules, thanks.

I'll also make sure to update the rules for the other categories so that they're more clear.

I think it goes without saying that you cannot use cheats during a run, but in order to get the optimal house setup for Max Skills you'd either have to spend a long time getting the career rewards or just use cheats to build the house that way, so in order to make the category more accessible the use of cheats before starting the run in my opinion is perfectly fine as long as you don't use them afterwards.


Forum: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Thread: Optimizing Text on Consoles

Started by: SuperbKingz24SuperbKingz24

Interesting that you chose Single Box Skip, I had that on when I was playing through the game normally and when I did my 6:30 run on The First Turnabout, but as soon as I switched to Full Box Skip I saw massive time drops, could just be coincidence as it's possible I just got better at mashing/making less mistakes. Something to think about at least.


Forum: Tetris Elements

Thread: Windowed mode?

Started by: tunatuna

I think me and courte tried doing this a couple of months ago because he was having issues with capturing the game as well and we couldn't figure out any sort of solution. If you figure something out let us know, but I think the game is pernamently locked to play in fullscreen mode only.

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Forum: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Thread: Question about the All Cases NG+ category

Started by: TheMadWaspTheMadWasp

So for All Cases, I've noticed that the current runners wait during the credit scenes before continuing the run as normal, while this makes sense, would it be allowed so that after the final objection on Turnabout Goodbyes you could just exit out of the game and relaunch it to start Rise from the Ashes? It would save several minutes of waiting and make the run a bit shorter.

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Forum: Cool Boarders 2

Thread: Defining 100%

Started by: TheMadWaspTheMadWasp

The current rules for 100% state that you just have to win every race in Competition Mode, while this is fine I'm not sure that's the correct way to be defining "100%" for this game.

I propose that 100% includes beating Competition Mode, obtaining all characters and unique boards. While this seems like a long category, it's probably more fitting.

Either way no one is running the game anyway but I'd be interested to hear any feedback.


Forum: Tetris (NES)

Thread: B Type

Started by: SundexSundex

No one has any real interest in running them I'm guessing.


Forum: Plants vs. Zombies

Thread: Idea: Solar Powerless%

Started by: DatGuy2513DatGuy2513

hold my beer, I got this

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Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

Thread: LotD Discord

Started by: TheMadWaspTheMadWasp

I spoke with themataurian on his stream and we discussed the potential for a Discord server for runners of this game. So here it is: It's a work in progress server at the time of posting however it's a place to discuss the game, strats and showcase our PBs. Here's the invite for those that are interested:


Forum: The Sims 2

Thread: New in game setting rule?

Started by: NTRGNTRG

Seems perfectly fine to me. Also disabling "Free Will Mode" prevents your Sims from doing anything on their own accord, I don't see any reason why players can't have it disabled. I did so on my Max Skills run.

Edit: Thinking about it, we could just have it whereby the timer starts as soon as you gain control of your sim(s). So it doesn't matter too much if you have Special Events Camera on or off.


Forum: The Sims 2

Thread: New Categories requested

Started by: NTRGNTRG

Unless there's players that want to run the category I don't think it should be on the leaderboard. Also I checked the leaderboard for The Sims 1 and the category isn't there, unless I got the wrong port of the game. I can't speak for other runners but the idea of a Drown% category doesn't interest me.

If we're going to have it I think it should be a Misc category.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I have had a run pending for The Sims 2 for over a month and the moderator has not been online even before I submitted it. As I've mentioned in previous posts here, I've tried and failed in contacting the moderator and the user @NTRG has been requesting to be a mod for some time. Now that it's been over a month is it possible for either @NTRG or myself to be added as a moderator so my run can be verified? Thanks.


Forum: Cool Boarders 2

Thread: Old IL Records

Started by: TheMadWaspTheMadWasp

Googling "Cool Boarders 2 records" shows a few level times submitted to another website, I think it would be a good idea to have these records added to the IL boards as well.


Forum: Game Dev Tycoon

Thread: Suggestions for new categories.

Started by: TheMadWaspTheMadWasp

Ok so I found something a while back, there was a speedrun for Game Dev Tycoon on Twin Galaxies from 2015, however it didn't match any of the categories we had back then or have now. The run's goal was to get to 10M cash as fast as possible. I think this should be added as a category to the leaderboard as a run does exist for it and today some interest was shown on the Discord.

Here is the run in question:

What does everyone else think?

While I'm at it I'm removing the Pirate Mode categories as no one is running them.