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Thread: What happened to the You vs. Boo Category?

Started by: Lukas_Ist_HierLukas_Ist_Hier

I don't really know how we would time it tbh. Especially considering that the boo gets faster if you beat him, it just seems like a weird category. I'm not opposed to the idea of it, though.

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Thread: Sharp Twin Famicom

Started by: TheElderSporkTheElderSpork

it's an official famicom so of course it's allowed.


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Thread: Block clip from the right using turbo a

Started by: iplaymario124iplaymario124

This is just a devil’s spell clip. You had a little bit of momentum going to the right and it allowed you to clip. This is used in the 5-2 wrong warp in lost levels.

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Thread: General Questions about Clipping Through Textures

Started by: jigsaw_masterjigsaw_master

The regular 4-2 clip doesn't save time in allstars but there are other ones that do. However, they are harder and aren't required for WR in allstars yet.


Forum: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Thread: Accurate Rules

Started by: TheIntCarlTheIntCarl

I recently submitted my first pb in any% 8-4 SNES and had it rejected for not having a video. I am completely fine with video requirements, but please update the rules to avoid confusion.