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Thread: Duck Life Battle - Save Manipulation

Started by: TheGlitched64TheGlitched64

This video shows off the Save Manipulation trick. Hopefully down the line we will have a guide on what steps to take to do this yourself. 😃


Forum: Duck Life Battle

Thread: Save Manipulation and the birth of a new category.

Started by: TheGlitched64TheGlitched64

It was recently discovered by runner Ennopponetwelve that by opening 2 instances of this game, you could, take a completed game, and glitch the new game into taking in its save data, essentially beating the game or getting to the final city with all your levels and items quickly.
Basically this glitch can be equated to switching out a memory card in the middle of a run, or incorporating a finished save file from a guide section and glitching the game into reading that save data instead.

The use of this glitch essentially renders the whole game moot and in a run, basically beats the game from the get go. However we don't want to ban this trick outright, as it is a way to beat the game. So a new category is being made for this glitch over on Duck Life Category Extentions, known as SAD or Save A Duck (Or a certain different abbreviation.) We will have a guide there showing what this glitch does, and hopefully down the line an explanation on how you can achieve this yourself. So, if you want to try it out for yourself, head on over to

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Forum: Learn to Fly

Thread: Lag/Framerate Affects Speed/Distance?

Started by: ThePianoEnthusiastThePianoEnthusiast

This is something that has long been discussed in the Duck Life series, about the quality possibly having minor effects on gameplay, however there, much like here, we haven't been able to really find any concrete evidence on quality setting affecting the game. Sorry to say it is the first I have heard of this happening.


Forum: Pokémon Rumble World

Thread: Some Rules need to be changed...

Started by: KemovaroKemovaro

Originally the idea of posting just a picture was born out of the difficulty of recording a 3DS but yes it can be easy to record a small clip with a phone, I know I won't be too picky on quality. It's something that was just a placeholder while stuff was figured out, I agree this is something that ought to be changed and something I will change the coming day!

As for the full game stuff, I will look into that a bit more before deciding on any changes on it, I feel that it may be alright for now but of course I will update on how that goes soon as I check!

Apologies for the lateness of the reply.

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Forum: Duck Life

Thread: History of DL World Records sheet

Started by: TheGlitched64TheGlitched64

We finally have a full list of DL WR lists and progress, hope some people find it interesting, I did. 🙂


Forum: Duck Life

Thread: The Massive DL Scoreboard

Started by: TheGlitched64TheGlitched64

Hi there all! The moderators of DL have gotten together and made a giant scoreboard totalling all the times from every category and turning them into points on a massive leaderboard! Every WR is 100 points and WR/Your PB*100 is the score you get from that category! It's easy to get to the top simply by running a lot of categories so we hope this gives you incentive! Have fun and happy running!


Forum: Duck Life 1

Thread: moderation request

Started by: C43C43

We'll all be mods. For the memes.

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Forum: Duck Life

Thread: List of Known Glitches

Started by: TheGlitched64TheGlitched64

For the purposes of making clear what can and cannot be done in "Glitchless" categories in Duck Life games, here is a list of known glitches for the game that are banned in No Major Glitches.

Any after effect of RcP RcF RcB

Out of bounds Seed

Anything out of bounds that can be accessed with tab

Anything can be resulted from screen stretch

Infinite skill seed (inbounds)

Any world/ cutscene skip (RC related or not)

Any previously held over effects of RC (DL4 NoRC menu storage)

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Forum: Learn to Fly

Thread: 100%?

Started by: BatBat

If you beat your any% PB while doing 100% then yeah, you can submit the same run to both categories if you like. 🙂


Forum: Learn to Fly

Thread: @leaderboard mod

Started by: Miror_AMiror_A

Ok, resend your older run and I'll put it through.


Forum: Battletoads Arcade

Thread: What is the best character to use?

Started by: BobinatorBobinator

I believe that Pimple is the fastest character with the average power. I have run with all 3 and get the fastest time with Pimple each time, however it might also come down to your play style. I'd recommend eventually trying all 3 out, but, for just starting i'd say Pimple. 🙂

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Forum: The House of The Dead: Overkill

Thread: 2 Player run

Started by: NehkRohwNehkRohw

Added 1P and 2P to the variables for the categories. 🙂

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Forum: The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Thread: Updated Verification Rules/NG+ Rules

Started by: RobotCrocodilzRobotCrocodilz

Aah ok, must of missed the connection when reading that. Cheers.


Forum: The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Thread: Updated Verification Rules/NG+ Rules

Started by: RobotCrocodilzRobotCrocodilz

I would like to ask in the theoretical chance that a console run got into the top 4, how would the "No manual load removals" thing work? Since consoles don't have auto splits? I feel like a "PC or too bad" take on it would be a discouraging attitude.


Forum: The House of The Dead: Overkill

Thread: Not getting notifications but fixing this page

Started by: TheGlitched64TheGlitched64

EDIT: If you have any questions regarding the leaderboard my discord will be faster than a forum post, add me to that and i'll answer your question asap


Forum: The Simpsons Game

Thread: mods

Started by: DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres

I play a very important role I feel... I come in 7 months later to resolved forum threads.


Forum: The Simpsons

Thread: no simpsons wrestling leaderboards

Started by: [Deleted user]

Since noone has replied I'd say the best way is to record a run and submit it to the site.


Forum: Learn to Fly

Thread: 100%?

Started by: BatBat

Yeah, I think we could arrange that sure. Sorry for late reply, I don't get notifications so I do monthly combs over all the forums I mod. I'll add it within the next 24 hours. 🙂


Forum: The Site

Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

More Korean bot spam in the DL series forums. Boy oh boy.


Forum: Duck Life Category Extensions

Thread: What this page is

Started by: TheGlitched64TheGlitched64

To avoid confusion, this page is simply a place to dump categories that don't really fit in on the actual leaderboards for the games, a way to do funny categories without tainting the boards.