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ive told phoenix before if there could be like one category where any gear is allowed and another where only items from in game are allowed (this use to be the case but idk why it was removed)

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have fun 😃


skip to the end if you'd like



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requested a time change


The only reason why I stopped the time before it showed my total coins was because when I saw Biglaw's run, he did the same and his run is verified.


Was thinking of doing supplying 50+ boxes run but keeping track of all of them will be hard

anyone know like a software or something where if you press a key the number on screen increases?


you only have to do 95 for now


np 🙂


really like how you organized it


lol highly doubt it


never even knew you could do this o.o


even if like the run starts with 0 boxes of pizza ready to deliver, it's still possible that like there are friends helping box and cook the pizzas

idk, i feel like this topic will have some complicated rules so like to be fair you'd have to cook all the pizzas, box em and deliver them all by yourself

even if you said that if there are pizzas already ready for delivery before you start the run will not count, there can simply be pizzas ready to be boxed or even cooked - something like that


I like the two categories

one just your own gear, and other what the game provides you

though idk why your run is under it, as I thought it was like paths only


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