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damn, monkey gets .78 and his time is rounded downwards

you mods really dont like juke for some reason 😕


changing it will require a mod to re-verify it

tho i dont think its so much of a big deal considering zuzur claims his run was done on emulator 😛


as you can tell by his description, deranged_Juke got a 1:33.88 and for some reason his time was rounded upwards.

If you were to look at these two runs,

you'll see the final time ended with a .88 and a .57
As you can also clearly see, both times were rounded downwards

Now this is why I believe deranged_Juke should have his run retimed to a 1:33.


what in the world...

also aren't you able to record your screen with OBS?


i also want to add that it'd be nice if you, mod would actually upload your pov of gameplay


bandicam/ hypercam 2 is best


yes pls


when will gev go online


One, when exactly does time start and end?

Two, must you touch every checkpoint?

Three, I see you added times with and w/o loads. Where in the game do you consider load times?

Four, in rules you stated that weapons are allowed. Shouldn't that be it's own category? As in two separate categories with gear or without gear?

Also, what is considered a weapon? I'm assuming anything that deals damage.



Well, there are two problems. First no timer. Second "-Use of items is not allowed." or "-Runs done on a server with at least one person cheating will not be verified. (cheated admin, added blocks, deleted blocks, SPAWNED ITEMS THAT ARE NOT USUALLY AVAILABLE, running scrips, etc.)


i would

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Instead of all separate categories I made only two but with RTA and No RTA as sub categories 🙂

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and why does technation have a run nearly identical to mine when he clearly does "skips that save 10 seconds"

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Just wanted to point one thing about the miscellaneous categories, and that the "All categories + extreme" should be removed. I doubt anyone will do them, and they're just really unnecessary

Two, just the one extreme category is fine. I actually believe it should be a main category, not a misc. For some reason, a new one is made reading "No doing weird jumps to skip 10 seconds of the game." Again, I find this completely unnecessary and honestly it's a pretty dumb category.


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