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you've come so far since the day i saw you stream escape room and told you it was on a website called ""

and you're already modding your own games



how about redninja? 🙁


Which gear exactly are you allowed to use in obby categories?


i think its expired


cute get off overworlds acc


also whats ur discord? the one on ur profile doesnt work


aw i thought you were only allowed to hold s and go into first person which would've been fun

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so you're saying a category where you have to complete the game with one single pokemon start to finish?


shouldnt you remove this game from speedrun then?


shouldnt you also put all the glitchless runs still in All Trials in All Trials Glitchless?


heuheuheu 😉


i didnt know shopping street required such a pc tbh xd


^ what do you use to record?


i like it


respond to me on discord


tell me why


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