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sped up recordings should never be allowed for any game under any circumstances.

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no vid no did

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i'd recommend using an app called FramePerfect, though I'm not sure how you'd record it while playing roblox


i wouldnt really recommend submitting a game to srcom thats still in development


we want more john doe obby speedruns

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are the use of glitches allowed?


... does it not state these rules under the "View Rules" tab?

oh and thanks, that was my bad


isnt that why its called impossible mode


i don't see why they can't still be a misc category at least


and wifi

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lack of active mods being the reason why runs aren't being verified really should never be an issue

like really, get new mods and remove those that dont do anything

soul shoudn't be the one doing all the work


sorry, non that i know of exists


thats the roblox recorder for ya

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quantum mechanics


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