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oh, i thought you meant something like you couldnt load insane maps

and anyway, why complain in the fe2 forums?


maybe you should notify crazyblox about the bug


what do you mean, "I can't do insane"?


I know you can find some vip servers in the official crazyblox discord

if you join here,

then go to #general, click pinned messages and scroll down a bit,

there are some there


hmph, bizarre


Yes, you can.


^ thats perfectly fine


instead of completing one difficulty in specific, we decided to do things more like FE2


1. id recommend more than 10fps
2. you have to record the entire roblox screen


Yo Jiravich! Remember we were on the same group for parkour tag?

And 4 - 5 FPS is way too slow. If your laptop's really that bad, I think your best bet is to record your runs on a phone or tablet.


RTA means real time attack. Basically mean no pausing, and in one single segment.

expect a category revamp soon.


we're not requesting any atm

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cmon blaby if ur gonna request a popular game at least be active when it gets approved


check Resources


why do you need a pc


im not sure of any in specific, but a video editing app could have a frame by frame feature


maybe this guy can help us summon back filipe


To answer your first question, it really depends on which category you want to run.
If it's the Arc Badge any%, I'd say the one in my PB is the best current route.

The difference between the categories is one allows the use of the currently only glitch I know of which is the "save glitch" while the other forbids it. To do this glitch, you must go into a doorway that gives your screen a black transition when you enter it. If you time when you click "save" correctly, the message will still appear when you leave through the other side of the door and you will have full access to your player, rather than being stuck in one spot if you were to click it normally.

This way, you're able to skip cutscenes, dialogue, and any battles with trainers.


good for you

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