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Thread: HTFR chapters other than sewers

Started by: MarshalldotEXEMarshalldotEXE

I feel that's the whole point of running non-sewer levels, you prepare yourself in the sewers or whichever floors came before to maximize the chance of you going deeper quicker.

and no, you do not skip depth 21


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Thread: What is considered "okay" and what is not

Started by: ZaeCatheZaeCathe


but make sure you're playing on the vanilla version of PD


Forum: Pixel Dungeon

Thread: What is considered "okay" and what is not

Started by: ZaeCatheZaeCathe

using no sort of altered version of the game with cheats (must use the offical game by watabou) and doing the requirements in your run depending on which category you're running would create a valid run.



Thread: OBS wont cooperate

Started by: KeetsuuuneKeetsuuune

do you know if your pc is any good to begin with?


Forum: Roblox: Speed Race

Thread: Tomb Is Removed

Started by: Sodyn33Sodyn33

i dont see why get rid of it entirely

just ban the use of lag to your own advantage


Forum: ROBLOX: Flood Escape 2

Thread: A response to the influx of denied runs

Started by: TheBronzeSwordTheBronzeSword

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RULES STATE THE FOLLOWING: (for a multi. run)

Complete the single map in RTA timing.

Timer starts first movement by any player after spawning into the first map.

Timer ends when the message "You Survived!" appears on the last player to reach the end's screen.

• If done in a server with 5 people or less, each player MUST SUBMIT A RECORDING (their POV).

• If done in a server with 6 people or more, only YOUR RECORDING is required.

Any use of major glitches for your own advantage are strictly banned from runs (wall clipping, infinite oxygen with the use of the minimize/close button, etc) though wallclimbing like seen here is allowed:

Runs done on any other game besides the official Flood Escape 2 game place are illegal (e.g. FE2 Testing Place).

WR runs require milliseconds

TLDR; - if you and your buddy are doing a run together, MAKE SURE BOTH OF YOU ARE RECORDING
- and please, make sure you start the video BEFORE you move, and end it AFTER THE GREEN TEXT SAYING "YOU SURVIVED!" APPEARS

(aka the reason why your runs are being denied)

and if you were wondering, yes, there is a rules section which can be found here:

thank you.

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Forum: ROBLOX Flood Escape

Thread: Individual Levels Revamp

Started by: TheBronzeSwordTheBronzeSword

instead of completing one difficulty in specific, we decided to do things more like FE2


Forum: ROBLOX Flood Escape

Thread: What’s RTA means?

Started by: EchoRobloxEchoRoblox

RTA means real time attack. Basically mean no pausing, and in one single segment.

expect a category revamp soon.

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Forum: Roblox: Gravity Shift

Thread: Moderation requests

Started by: LugatinaLugatina

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cmon blaby if ur gonna request a popular game at least be active when it gets approved


Forum: Longest Obby on Roblox

Thread: Which game do we use?

Started by: SpeedyFolfSpeedyFolf

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check Resources



Thread: Question

Started by: KeetsuuuneKeetsuuune

why do you need a pc


Forum: ROBLOX: Speed Run 4

Thread: IL timing on iOS

Started by: SeahawkTysSeahawkTys

im not sure of any in specific, but a video editing app could have a frame by frame feature



Thread: ok

Started by: AyeeItzKennyAyeeItzKenny

maybe this guy can help us summon back filipe


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Thread: ???

Started by: kyokyo

good for you

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Forum: Roblox: Speed Race

Thread: Skips, Suggestions, Mod Request and more!

Started by: MaxDragonSoulMaxDragonSoul

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sped up recordings should never be allowed for any game under any circumstances.

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