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Forum: ROBLOX: Flood Escape 2

Thread: Where is TheBronzeSword?

Started by: FoolYTFoolYT

ikr he was a good mod


Forum: Swords and Souls

Thread: Rules ?

Started by: milaniimilanii

you put the rules in the wrong area
they should be inserted in Edit Game


Forum: Swords and Souls

Thread: Rules ?

Started by: milaniimilanii

i wouldn't personally like to be a moderator, but yes, a new one is needed


Forum: Swords and Souls

Thread: Rules ?

Started by: milaniimilanii

the mod went inactive and is irresponsible for never setting them up

should be demoted and replaced with someone new


Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: Run of ToAT being removed from Glitchless -

Started by: ociyaociya

Sorry about the confusion, but a few hours ago the site got hacked which caused the entire site to roll back a day previous in updates.

We're working our best to recover any lost runs. Please resubmit your runs

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Forum: ROBLOX: Climb 2000 Stairs to VIP

Thread: Run Rejected For Use Of Gear Without The Use Of Gear

Started by: TablesaltTablesalt

a gear is anything you can hold located in your slotkeys


Forum: ROBLOX: Speed Run 4

Thread: Un-ran levels

Started by: Piggyking99Piggyking99

u should run those empty categories for ez wr??

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Forum: ROBLOX: WipeOut Obby(AUDI80)

Thread: gearless 20 second

Started by: LegitSiLegitSi

the glitch roblox8192 performed is called a wall clip/zip
i can tell you from a moderator and an 8-year Roblox player's perspective that it was a totally legitimate trick

if you'd like some context on how the glitch's performed, you align yourself right up against an edge of a wall, and if you turn your camera in the opposite direction then shiftlock/zoom into first person you either clip through a wall or zip right near the end of it

if you're still curious I perform multiple of these in my runs in a different game, Adventure Forward 2


Forum: Red Plumber Adventure Obby!

Thread: Roblox Updates and Current Runs

Started by: AvelianAvelian

theres already a split for glitchless


Forum: Toontown Rewritten

Thread: Can someone make a game category for corporate clash

Started by: anonymous4201337anonymous4201337

to makes things worse the guy that request ttcc hasnt been online in 2 weeks

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Forum: ROBLOX: Flood Escape 2

Thread: Castle Tides WR

Started by: RxndxmnessRxndxmness

how about in any run where someone's strafing to the left/right and jumps it be an any% run problem solved


Forum: ROBLOX: Flood Escape 2

Thread: Regarding SDA Timing

Started by: [Deleted user]

hey look it's me


Forum: Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict

Thread: New here

Started by: KaiwalaKaiwala

(edited: )
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Forum: Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales

Thread: youtube problems

Started by: benjy14trainerbenjy14trainer

upload the video to somewhere like vimeo


Forum: Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales

Thread: Old leaderboards

Started by: kyokyo

After in-game time was added, we decided it was best now that the community is small to wipe the boards from RTA timing to IGT.