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Thread: No Major Glitches Tournament!

Started by: SpeedrunSpeedrun

> 1. Have a sub 24 nmg time.

I guess my 1 hour PB won't suffice FeelsBadMan


Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: IVTROY and the current state of moderation on the JToH Speedrun site

Started by: TheBronzeSwordTheBronzeSword

The issues we, as a community, are facing with IVTROY in full power:

1. Our runs being rejected on the basis that milliseconds have been incorrectly inputted during submission

2. Our runs being rejected on the basis that the time of our run was inputting into the wrong section ("Time" Vs. "In-game time")

You're probably wondering why this happens and why can't these errors be easily corrected. Well, time and time again, we get the same answer by the moderator that it is too much of a hassle for him to do so, and therefore, rejecting is the easiest option.

3. Our runs being rejected because they do not meet the current moderator's expectations as to the skill-level players require when performing a run
- I submitted this run: and got the following response from the moderator:

4. Updates to the leaderboards such as due to an update to the game, roblox physics, or category disputes take a considerable amount of time.
- For example, I requested a change to the Full-game leaderboards via DMs on May 29 (regarding the new Ring Rush feature). Finally, a few days ago (nearly A MONTH later) and after several reminders was a change made to allow my run. Mind you, this is not a major update and not many people run full-game categories. So, in no instance was his delay justifiable.

5. Overall laziness.
-As with the previous example about Ring Rush, the current moderator has failed to properly implement the update. Runs which use the old method of conducting the run (manually entering each tower one by one) still exist and those few which were removed were not archived and saved, but rather flat out rejected and removed.

6. You're also probably wondering whether these issues could be easily solved if more mods were available. And this leads me to our biggest issue.
The current moderator refuses to accept any assistance when it is obvious he is incapable of taking on full responsibility by himself.

IVTROY, I request you give me, TheBronzeSword, and Megakirby super moderator for the better of the community.

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Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: Verifying

Started by: xexe

(edited: )

+ Other mods would allow the community to get necessary changes and edits made to the boards when the game is updated / certain parts to towers are nerfed/buffed / roblox physics update (because, right now, this process is long tedious)

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Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: My run was misinterpreted and wrongly denied.

Started by: xexe


IVTROY rejects them on purpose for that sole reason.


Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: Runs that need to be cleared due to patches

Started by: xexe


7. CoLS glitches. patched corner clip into the yellow mini tower


Forum: ROBLOX: Great Citadel of Difficulty Chart

Thread: Questions

Started by: BeanosBeanos

decline. speedruns should have strict rules, especially for where your character has to be when time starts/ends.

i would also recommend putting some sort of indication (like a different colour) on the brick that marks the beginning for each floor (especially considering you have ILs for each level)


Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: discord?


if you're able to handle managing it on top of modding the game, then i think you should


Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: Way less moderation

Started by: KyletheGamer25KyletheGamer25

Do any of you guys have runs waiting verification? And if so, has it taken awhile (ie weeks/months) for review?

Or if @IVTROYIVTROY is reading this, how's the moderation situation going? Feel free to DM me about any moderation concerns

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Forum: Crazy's Kaizo Regions

Thread: Full game runs?

Started by: theguy9912theguy9912

i was practicing all normal rooms runs (excluding near,rodc) over the summer


Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: can i be mod

Started by: LunaSpeedLunaSpeed

- being active within this community (having lots of runs done/ active in general within the Tower community)
- having commitment towards this game (we dont want you going inactive a few months after becoming mod. you should be fulfilling your mod-responsibilities for at least a year, ideally)
- DMing @MegakirbsMegakirbs and seeing if he needs any assistance moderating the game

you should also, ideally, already have speedrunning experience (i.e. having been mod for a previous game and knowing how the page-editing/verification process works, timing of runs to the frame), but i suppose this isn't necessary because you can always learn and we all start somewhere

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Forum: Red Plumber Adventure Obby!

Thread: Rebranding and more

Started by: femininefeminine

i wasn't saying to keep the name of the game the same

i said how its as if all those runs that had time and effort spent towards them were just gone from the site just like that without any recognition

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Forum: Red Plumber Adventure Obby!

Thread: Rebranding and more

Started by: femininefeminine

I think instead of entirely rejecting all the runs you should've at least made a forum listing them in remembrance/documentation, or even save this site's page on the wayback machine for archive

also the bouncepad jump onto the wall in Toy Land is still possible

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Forum: ROBLOX: Escape the iPhone Obby! (Pieperson50)

Thread: game gone

Started by: VizuVizu

unfortunately yes


Forum: ROBLOX: WipeOut Obby(AUDI80)

Thread: How to make a personal server for runs (for free)

Started by: TheBronzeSwordTheBronzeSword

1. Block one person inside each running server (click their name in the top right corner, click block user)
2. rejoin the game

note this is only a personal server until someone new joins your server xd


Forum: ROBLOX Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall

Thread: Where do I apply for mod?

Started by: dumbassdumbass

We are currently not seeking for any new moderators, thank you.
However, those who we see are actively doing runs and being part of this speedrunning community may have better chances in becoming a mod if another is necessary.
And yes, we are aware one of our mods are inactive.

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Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: Speedrunning with bad equipment/internet

Started by: cuzphysicscuzphysics

if you have a phone or tablet and are able to set it up properly to record your screen that could do


Forum: ROBLOX Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall

Thread: Could I apply for mod?

Started by: Jack_HaseJack_Hase

i've contacted you via discord.


Forum: Juke's Towers of Hell

Thread: Broken Win Pads and Getting Kicked

Started by: TheBronzeSwordTheBronzeSword

The mod team has came to a conclusion that runs where the win pad does not teleport you to winners or you get kicked upon stepping onto it will be allowed.

This is only to say if you have proper video evidence where your gameplay is clearly visible and does not include lag (especially if you get kicked in your run, we must be certain it was the game's fault and you weren't truly cheating)
Any suspicion in your video will unfortunately result in it being rejected.

As for timing, in the game your timer stops approximately 0.5s after touching the pad. Therefore, 0.5s will be added to your time appeared at the top of your screen on the frame you touch the win pad to calculate your final time.

- The Mod Team

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