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They were both last online a month ago
so they're not incredibly active


1. Block one person inside each running server (click their name in the top right corner, click block user)
2. rejoin the game

note this is only a personal server until someone new joins your server xd


We are currently not seeking for any new moderators, thank you.
However, those who we see are actively doing runs and being part of this speedrunning community may have better chances in becoming a mod if another is necessary.
And yes, we are aware one of our mods are inactive.


if you have a phone or tablet and are able to set it up properly to record your screen that could do


i've contacted you via discord.


The mod team has came to a conclusion that runs where the win pad does not teleport you to winners or you get kicked upon stepping onto it will be allowed.

This is only to say if you have proper video evidence where your gameplay is clearly visible and does not include lag (especially if you get kicked in your run, we must be certain it was the game's fault and you weren't truly cheating)
Any suspicion in your video will unfortunately result in it being rejected.

As for timing, in the game your timer stops approximately 0.5s after touching the pad. Therefore, 0.5s will be added to your time appeared at the top of your screen on the frame you touch the win pad to calculate your final time.

- The Mod Team

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ikr he was a good mod


you put the rules in the wrong area
they should be inserted in Edit Game


i wouldn't personally like to be a moderator, but yes, a new one is needed


the mod went inactive and is irresponsible for never setting them up

should be demoted and replaced with someone new


Sorry about the confusion, but a few hours ago the site got hacked which caused the entire site to roll back a day previous in updates.

We're working our best to recover any lost runs. Please resubmit your runs

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a gear is anything you can hold located in your slotkeys


u should run those empty categories for ez wr??

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the glitch roblox8192 performed is called a wall clip/zip
i can tell you from a moderator and an 8-year Roblox player's perspective that it was a totally legitimate trick

if you'd like some context on how the glitch's performed, you align yourself right up against an edge of a wall, and if you turn your camera in the opposite direction then shiftlock/zoom into first person you either clip through a wall or zip right near the end of it

if you're still curious I perform multiple of these in my runs in a different game, Adventure Forward 2


theres already a split for glitchless


it is


to makes things worse the guy that request ttcc hasnt been online in 2 weeks

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