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Actually my comment was a joke just poking fun at what you said and @Oxylen i know the difference between in game cheats and exterior cheating methods and @Jumpyluff im not looking for a loophole why would i need to cheat using stuff like a emulator code or gameshark?


@Jumpyluff tell that to sandcastle% lol


I dont see a problem with power nodes and credits


Use whatever suit you like except dlc


I have added level leaderboards however while making save states for the game i have only 1 condition no upgrades and no weapons except from the plasma cutter if you wish to purchase weapons they must be done in the run so everyone starts off with nearly the same stuff.


Unfortunately you cant select levels in dead space


Copying the routes is the smartest move you could possibly do but i`d say its more impressive to use your own routes with getting good times depends on you look at it and not what everyone expects of you.


Yeah i just noticed that lol


we have already been over this moderators only want pc categories because you can filter between consoles on the leaderboard no point in trying convince people about this


Id say pick a game you know very well and have played through alot of times thats what i did with dead space as i when i was on the doll i would play through it alot to get all the achievements so thats probably how i manged to get a sub 3 on my first attempt but thats just me mate


Some games i believe should have a glitchless category but i just done a run at 1:53:38 and the wr is 1:39:00 or something like that so not a huge gap if there was a huge gap then i would agree like for instance doom (2016) they can beat the game in 30 mins and dont have a glitchless category which i find ridiculous but again for this game not necessary mate


I will run when i choose to run as of right now i am running dead rising overtime mode and on top of that i have ran glitchless before just because its not on the leaderboard due to the fact that the mods are biased towards banning a category that they feel would take too long to verify and aswell why do any of you care if you dont run glitchless or no oob and you know what oob is glitchless in this game would simply be like intended any% where you play through the game as it is intended for you to play through all the levels and not jumping straight to the end

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btw when you say a category is a meme doesnt make unrunable

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Sorry mate but just because you dont run or like a category doesnt mean its time to shut it down it doesnt work that way and also main reason i play on console is because some games dont work on my computer doom being one of them so its a bit unfair for people like myself i mean what would you say if it was the other way round if any% wasnt on the category and also ive beaten world records on xbox vs a pc run being the world record holder was playing on pc so its not just about fps or glitches but the skill of the runner and thats what glitchless highlights mostly through gameplay and the understanding of the game if not a glitchless category then why not a no oob/major skip category all im saying is that its abit wierd that you all discriminate console players dont we have a right to do speed runs aswell as you?

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I mean atleast have a console category

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Just because someone people dont like a category doesnt mean the category shouldnt be there glitchless just proves more skill unfortunatly the mods just seem to have a ego the size of this game.

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You guys should just revert the layout to the layout of the first destiny speedrun categories more organised


obvioulsy they cant be bothered or dont know how to add rules or cant think of any


whats stamina exploitation


But isnt that what glitchless is?


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