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Thread: Speedrun Championship

Started by: two2112two2112

A good place might be the discord (linked on the left of this page). We've organised a few marathons through there before

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Thread: Xbox 100% Confusion

Started by: FireNinjaAUSFireNinjaAUS

G'day FireNinja,

The main thing with TTC after CC is to do with feather count. CC first allows you to pick up a few feathers before getting into TTC. You should learn red feathers through FFM since talking to bottles takes so long on xbox, but this means that you dont get the 25 feather refill. You should be fine to do TTC first without losing heaps of time, you might just need to find some extra feathers to grab.

Someone that knows more about xbox than me, feel free to correct me on any of this.

Also if you're interested, there's a BK discord here:

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Thread: Emulator

Started by: QuillbertQ.QuillbertQ.

yeah, just be sure to tick the emulator box when submitting a run

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Thread: New to running. Are there any good tutorials for running ntsc any%?

Started by: Conker4311Conker4311

First you'll need to choose if you want to run xbox or N64. I'd personally recommend xbox since it's faster and it doesn't use some of the really hard tricks like TTC early and DoG skip, also xbox any% is newer so you could potentially break new ground with routing and stuff which is really fun.

If you choose xbox, just watch the world record video and use that route to start with. It does the FP early clip twice (the beakbomb into the slope). One is for entering Frezeezy peak, the other is for skipping the 450 note door, but you can just get the blue cauldron after RBB if you want, then you only have to do that clip once since you dont need to clip past the 450 door (it costs about 10 seconds to get the blue cauldron instead).

If you choose N64 then use the route from the WR vid but swap out PAL RBA for NTSC RBA (NTSC RBA: Also Treasure Trove Cove early is harder on NTSC so you might want to avoid it. My run does it but stivitybobo doesn't so once you make that choice, use whatever video suits it.

We don't have an up to date full game tutorial for any% but here's a few specific trick tutorials:
Both xbox and N64 tricks:
FP Early (and 450 skip):
640 skip (from my any% tutorial):

xbox tricks:
Cauldron RBA:

N64 Tricks:
DoG skip (this video is PAL but NTSC is similar):
TTC Early:

Good luck learning the run!

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Thread: Category: All Chaos Emeralds

Started by: VeniVidiRiciVeniVidiRici

Personally I'd like to see both all chaos emeralds and max special bonus added if possible. I think there's been 3 runs of max special bonus and several of all emeralds that we could add.


Forum: Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear)

Thread: 10-15 second Timesave in Labyrinth 1

Started by: The8bitbeastThe8bitbeast

New zip off the second platform more info in the yt description:


Forum: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

Thread: runs and emulator validity?

Started by: KaddathKaddath

Since they use Bizhawk for TASing it should be fairly accurate. They changed the SMS core from 1.11.9 onwards. so <=1.11.8 and >=1.11.9 should be considered different emulators (although I've noticed more glitches on the later ones). About the single segment thing, rerecords is a good way to check but in the lua console: movie.setrerecordcount(0) sets it back to 0 so it's possible to cheat it. That being said, its possible to cheat in almost every way of verification so I wouldn't worry too much


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Thread: Are emulators allowed for the SMS version?

Started by: anothervisitoranothervisitor

That looks like an accurate emulator so it should be fine. Different consoles and emus seem to give different maps sometimes so that shouldn't be an issue.


Forum: SpongeBob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

Thread: Question about console rules

Started by: 007manyo007manyo

My run uses the same setup but I didn't really want to submit that because of the USB loading. If you have no other choice it should be fine


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Thread: Any% no RBA route question

Started by: KaldemarKaldemar

PAL doesn't make a difference to the route but NTSC is slightly faster for this category. I'd recommend watching Mittenz PB since he is probably the most active runner of this category. Me and him mainly differ in the Clanker's Cavern route, they're both about the same time but I think mine is a little easier. Picking which bits you like out of mine and Mittenz route is the best way to go. Also it's probably worth talking to Brentilda in the TTC/CC puzzle room.


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Thread: Lets add levitation% to the leaderboards

Started by: HaginaterHaginater

That rule for emu sounds good. With console you cant reset with a gameshark/action replay since Banjo requires a keycode (unless theres a newer version where you can) and the reset is noticeable on a flash cart so it would be hard to pull off cheating like that in console 100%. A way to verify it could be showing all the codes including the master code at the start of each run but that could be very tedious. This could be done at the start of a stream of attempts but it would make verifying a very long process since they would have to watch the entire stream to make sure no resetting happened.

Mittenz and I threw together some rules for our Any% with levitate race. All the visual modifier stuff can probably be ignored, that was just for fun

Another issue was I needed another code to relearn moves since going into MMM makes me forget peck and climb if I'm using my Action Replay. It would be interesting to see if others get this problem and what a possible solution could be.


Forum: Banjo-Kazooie

Thread: Lets add levitation% to the leaderboards

Started by: HaginaterHaginater

Seems like a cool category but there are a few issues with it. It would be impossible to tell if the runners were using any other prohibited codes. Also, it's possible to change the speed of the levitation quite easily by modifying the code. There would need to be a code given (for all regions) that couldn't be modified and there would need to be some way of making sure no other codes were used. Personally, I think there's still room for trotless if this is added.

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Forum: Spyro the Dragon

Thread: Spyro Discord?

Started by: MasterLeoBlueMasterLeoBlue

Thanks, but unfortunately that link didn't work


Forum: Spyro the Dragon

Thread: Spyro Discord?

Started by: MasterLeoBlueMasterLeoBlue

Hey, could someone invite me please?


Forum: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Thread: N. Tropy Warp Glitch

Started by: The8bitbeastThe8bitbeast

Yeah I'd agree that it's luck based. But skipping the vortex cutscene at a certain time seems to manipulate the RNG. It might be a different timing depending on when the cutscene starts, but I'm not sure about that.

I haven't had it with SFX off even when testing with frame advance and savestates. Thanks for giving more evidence that it isn't possible with SFX off.

It would be interesting to see if a TAS would turn SFX on just for the skip, but I doubt that would save time.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Thread: N. Tropy Warp Glitch

Started by: The8bitbeastThe8bitbeast

Thanks for the reply but I think we're thinking of a different glitch. The glitch I mean is after returning to the warp room crash immediately gains control rather than tumbling out.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Thread: N. Tropy Warp Glitch

Started by: The8bitbeastThe8bitbeast

I'm trying to replicate the glitch where the exit animation for the N. Tropy boss is skipped (for an example see the SGDQ 2014 run)

So far I've had luck with SFX on and it seems to be a frame perfect blue vortex cutscene skip. I haven't had luck with SFX off and wanted to ask if anyone has done it with SFX off or with any other levels/bosses?


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Thread: NTSC-j good version too run

Started by: MrMeanMoustacheMrMeanMoustache

Termite Skip doesn't work on NTSC-J, meaning you'll lose some time (maybe a minute) in Mumbo's Mountain. You'll get a bit of that back due to text. See an XBOX run for the Mumbo's Mountain route without termite skip.


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Thread: Different versions/regional differences

Started by: 2541

Technically PAL is a bit faster for 100%. There is a route using RBA which saves 20 seconds over NTSC but it requires harder tricks. The route saves 40s and PAL is known to lose 20s over the run in cutscenes. Overall, NTSC v1.0 should be fine since the clunky movement on PAL will probably lose at least another 20 seconds over the course of the run and nobody knows the exact time difference between the versions.

However, anyone who has PAL should use the RBA route for 100% since it is quicker than doing the NTSC route on PAL. But NTSC runners probably shouldn't go out of their way to get PAL equipment for 100%.

Basically for 100% if you have NTSC, stick with that and do the normal route. If you have PAL, stick with that and do the RBA route.

For any% PAL is faster by far.

Also there is no version number for PAL. As far as I know termite skip works on all PAL carts.

WR is on NTSC v1.0.