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As you may know by now, Hypixel combined Party Games 1, 2, and 3 in to just party games, which changes everything for us.

As you may also know, the former moderator was not willing to change the leaderboard for months, so I eventually requested mod on the site forums, and finally got the leaderboards updated.

From now on, things will be kept up with as well as possible. Feel free to bring up any concerns with me on the forums here.

Removed all old categories as they are no longer valid.
Made separate categories for winning and finishing, as sometimes losing mini games is better for you than trying to win them and this could make the finishing speed run time faster.
Changed the old 100% to Place in All Minigames.
Made miscellaneous categories for getting certain amounts of stars.


@Liv appreciate you! Thanks a bunch 🙂


Hey I have a game https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​hypixel_pg Hypixel Party Games, where the one moderator is no longer active. What happened on the server is that there is no longer separate versions of Party Games (1, 2, and 3) but they have now been combined into one for good, and he has not changed the categories to show this. As you may see in the forums, I have asked him multiple times to change the rules, or even just let me change the rules if he doesn't want to, but he hasn't done it even though months ago, he said he would. In more recent weeks, when I've asked, there has been no response at all.

I'd like to note that I don't have any runs pending but that is explicitly because, as stated before, the categories currently shown on the leaderboard aren't even valid anymore because the whole thing changed. I want to do a run, and I will as soon as I can, but I don't really have much of a reason to until I see the leaderboards are usable.

Thanks for your time 🙂


Maybe in this thread we can keep track of secrets we figure out how to do as we find them? For Man Overboard, you push a villager in that one Parkour stage on the ship in to the water. That's the only one I've found so far that isn't 100% straightforward.

Also, is there a way to use the code or command blocks to figure each one out?


Could someone post a list of all the secret advancements so people can know how to do them for 100%? I'm interested in running 100% but can't bc I highly doubt I've done all the secrets at this point.


@LapisBlood no, shots don't take any time unless they're made. Goals do take extra time, shots do not unless they use an item in that shot. It's obvious that all you would want to do is make one goal and then stall, everyone can think of that as the obvious strat within just a few seconds of thinking.

In basketball, the amount of time that you have the ball doesn't make a difference but yes, you do need to keep shooting so you don't get a shot clock violation

If anyone cares, heres a list of all the known ways that you can gain/lose time in Hockey and Basketball (this is only helpful for Any%, Sports Mix and 100% though nobody will ever do 100% so basically only Any% and Sports Mix)

Cutscenes that only SOMETIMES play when goalies make a save pause the timer for about 1 - 1.5 seconds, so obv they lose 1-1.5 seconds
Scoring with coins makes the cutscene for scoring a bit longer, by maybe a second or 2
Using an item shot pauses the timer for about half a second - 1 second
Shooting the puck as time expires will cause the game not to end until it stops, or gets blocked or picked up again.
Getting scored on wastes probably around 10 seconds or so (haven't played the game in a while so my estimate may be way off for that)
Grabbing the puck off the face off quickly will start the timer as soon as you grab it

Tip offs actually do NOT affect your time
Scoring with coins makes the cutscene for scoring a bit longer, by maybe a second or 2
Using an item shot pauses the timer for about half a second - 1 second
Shooting the ball as time expires will cause the game not to end until it misses, or gets blocked or picked up for an alley-oop by a teammate.
getting a shot clock violation loses probably around 6 or 7 seconds (haven't played the game in a while so my estimate may be way off for that)
Making the ball go out of bounds (I think the only court this can happen on is DK Docks) loses a similar amount of time to a shot clock violation

My point is, there ARE some in game ways to save time besides the obvious "only score once and don't get scored on" thing. But other than that, these would just be really optimized and hard to improve on, and that's why the mods probably don't want them to be a thing. I think there would be variation on the leaderboards if this got popular but 1) this wouldn't get popular and 2) most people would be within 10 seconds or something of each other.

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I’m not sure what you’re going for here. There isn’t anything special you can do. Just play the game with normal strategy, but do it fast. There is no special “idea”

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Yeah it definitely is. That’s strange. You can probably do it in the backyard section as well with that fight


Yeah it definitely is. That’s strange. You can probably do it in the backyard section as well with that fight


Well anyways i know it’s not useful, just thought it’d be a good thing to add to our knowledge of the game, the “Fake Bowser Enemy Glitch”


It’s not the first frame tho, I’ve done this many times and there’s no way it’s always been in the first frame. I dont think it even is in the video either. It’s just odd. The only thing you could use it for is if you were doing some arbitrary speedrun of getting 1000 coins or something, or maybe in bingo if there was a thing for getting a certain amount of coins or lives.


Web version. The part to skip ahead to is roughly at 7:00 in the video after I explain that I’m pausing. I found this by accident while practicing any% when I paused the game to respond to some Snapchat msgs. I have no clue why this happens, but it’s... something.

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How did the max% world record start out already having a lot of money?


One more thing about 100%, you should probably put in the rules something about beating both the behemoth and the behemoth king as well

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The optimal version doesn't work on my mac, is there any other good version that'll work better than any web version?


I don’t think I wanna do a 100% run but what I’ve been thinking of doing is slowly working on one over time just using my phone stopwatch, and pausing it whenever I’m out of the file, to get a rough estimate of how long it would take. And then maybe someday, when I have a whole lot of free time, I’ll do it. But I wanna do it casually first, and time it that way to see how long it’ll generally take

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The only things I can’t find how to do online are how to unlock the extra mini game stages, and also what all of the different hidden stages are


Next time I go to my friends house, probably within a couple of weeks, we’re gonna do this speedrun co-op. I may do it solo before then too but I doubt it. So you can expect it by then. We’re pretty new to it though and I can imagine it will be FAR from optimized, and easily beatable for any of you people who have been playing this for a significant amount of time

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I know that basketball and hockey all Cups aren’t the greatest categories because they’re countdown based, but they can absolutely still be a thing, and I think it’s only fair that they should be, especially because they’re going to be a part of Any% and 100% (which I plan on doing both of, or at least definitely Any%). The reasons these would work is because of these various things you can do to save time

Making scoring cutscenes happen as little as possible, so u want to make a low amount of baskets/goals, and maybe even to be safe, for Anything you do score you may want to have coins so you get multiple points for just one cutscene.

Don’t use item shots, they pause the timer for like half a second

Grab the ball on face offs and tip offs as fast as possible

Don’t let that one cutscene in hockey happen where the goalie makes a save and the camera goes on him, it pauses the timer for roughly a second

And there’s really probably even a few others I can’t think of rn, but even just that is enough to show that it can absolutely be a thing. I hope you guys will consider it!

Also, I know I haven’t submitted any runs yet, so you may not want to take my word for anything, but I’m going to very soon, trust me


What would the rules and requirements of 100% be? I’m interested


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