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Forum: Portal 2 Category Extensions

Thread: glitchless??????

Started by: SpicySpicy

Bunnyhopping is hard to define what counts as it, as it simply requires only jumping to build up speed, so there's not much you can do about easily defining the exploit, outside of requiring every run to not go above a special speed threshold that can only be checked with Demos or Console Commands, which would make the category even more niche, as some don't bother with Demos/Commands at lower skill levels.
As for other glitches, most of them are just for skipping slow sections with barely any mechanical effort, or otherwise classify as a minor exploit.


Forum: The Henry Stickmin Collection

Thread: can we add distraction dance %?

Started by: Joshua12450Joshua12450

Right now, we're better off trying to optimize the current main categories and Ending ILs, rather than adding joke categories.


Forum: Portal Category Extensions

Thread: "Camera Shy" Category Request

Started by: pikklchippikklchip

On their own, the achievements Camera Shy and Transmission Received barely change the route of the run, outside of intentionally going to areas you wouldn't go to otherwise.


Forum: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Thread: The discord is run by a bunch of idiots.

Started by: NatmandoNatmando

Making a thread that implies that the Discord is operated by "idiots" probably wouldn't help you get unbanned.

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Forum: Deltarune

Thread: What exactly does NG+ entail?

Started by: Randomized_TacoRandomized_Taco

Upon completion of a Deltarune playthrough and starting a new file, interacting with Kris' bed now allows you to skip straight to the Dark World, skipping the entire School Section, which saves ~4 minutes of mashing.

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Forum: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Thread: No taxi Glitch

Started by: Mrcoco0264Mrcoco0264

No, specifically Taxi Glitch refers to the act of using the Menu to access stages that you can't even select, which in the case of Patrick's Sock doesn't count, as for some reason, it's visible at the start of the run.

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Forum: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Thread: Video proof

Started by: Cool_Gaming22Cool_Gaming22

"Adequate video and audio evidence is required for all submissions. LiveSplit must be present and clearly display the timer's automatic start and finish."


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Could this be a speedrun

Started by: WindowsXPWindowsXP

From the Request Game Page

What We Do Not Accept

At this time, we are not adding the following:

- Short/Trivial Games
- Generic Puzzle Games
- Generic Typing Games
- Geography Games
- Vocabulary/Math and other Educational Games
- Quiz Games
- Generic Sudoku Solvers/Minesweeper Remakes/Rubik's Cube Solvers/etc.
- Visual Novels/Interactive Movies
- PvP-Related Activities
- High-Score Based Submissions
- Non-Video-Game Activities


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: new paywall

Started by: SuperM789SuperM789

LiveSplit has the option to display an Graph, along side information for the previous split, PB, etc.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: new paywall

Started by: SuperM789SuperM789
Under the Timer Section, you'll find a number of alternatives.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Can do a speed run on a not very well know game

Started by: RandomstuffonytRandomstuffonyt

Go to if you wish to request for Moderator status for a game with inactive mods. However, attempt to get contact with any of the mods through other means before requesting Moderator.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Microsoft word

Started by: Gtbot2007Gtbot2007

Microsoft Word will most likely not be added as a speedrun, considering the game falls under two categories that are currently not considered for being added to the leaderboards. ["Generic Typing Games" and "Non-Video-Game Activities"]. If you wish to request an game, go to

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Forum: Portal

Thread: can i use bind key "volume 0"

Started by: gamrman420gamrman420

If you wish to not hear the ingame Audio, its best to just plug in a set of headphones, and not use them, so the run can still have audio for verification reasons.


Forum: Deltarune

Thread: GameOver%

Started by: Scooty789Scooty789

• Deltarune is not a finished Product
• Die% is a Niche Category in Undertale outside of the main mode.
• The Category would end upon the first available death hazard.

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Forum: Portal 2

Thread: Singleplayer Glitchless no OoB

Started by: ZeyaTsuZeyaTsu

The goal in the end is to play the game how you want to play it, at least without any ingame/external cheats. While the rules say you can use specific glitches, you aren't necessarily required of doing so, nor are you required to be the very top of the leaderboard. If you wish to, you can submit Glitchless Inbounds runs to the main Leaderboards.

However, the concept of a Glitchless (No OOB) Category would need to define what counts as a Bunnyhop (And other minor glitches/exploits). What would define as a BHop? Going above a specific speed? Jumping twice frame perfectly while moving? Jumping after building up speed as a whole?

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Forum: Portal 2

Thread: Singleplayer Glitchless no OoB

Started by: ZeyaTsuZeyaTsu

We already have No Major Glitches on Category Extensions, and not that many people play it in the first place, with only 8 (11 counting Obsolete Runs) submissions. Adding another niche category that functionally works similar to another in most instances is kind'a pointless.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Would you allow a cheater to submit a valid run?

Started by: birdmanbirdman

Generally no

If a player is a repeat offender of intentionally cheating, modifying, TASing, or otherwise using illegal methods of speedrunning a game, they shouldn't be allowed within the community, possibly the entire site.
In the case of some communities, they will enforce rules that either make No Emulation Rules, make Emulation in its own category, or higher attention to players doing well on Emulators. Even outside of that, high ranked players will be investigated before being concluded as a valid player.
The site as a whole will often ban users attempting to get away with cheating for extended periods of time, and/or repeated occasions.


Forum: Super Smash Land

Thread: Control Alt Delete Abuse

Started by: ThatBoxThatBox

This strategy absolutely should be Banned from the Run, or separated to another category (Along side Credits Warp).
This strategy skips the following in Arcade Mode:
• Megaman's Respawn Animation
• Players Respawn Animation
• Player vs Enemy Scene
• Stage Completed Scene
• The Three Second Startup Timer
All of these skipped saves over Half of the runs time, and with this alone, would cause Sub 2, or even Sub 1 to be free.


Forum: Super Smash Land

Thread: All Unlockables

Started by: ThatBoxThatBox

Unlock All Characters would be RNG for Vaporeon, and playing Arcade Mode as the Starting Characters, while Unlocking Clowntown would be either Controlling Two Players at the same time, or grinding 100 Battles.
For a Alternative Category (Outside of the Two Suggestions and All Unlocks), I could see All Starters Arcade Mode and All Characters being a Option.