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Thread: Including Ambulas, Mutalist Alad V and Nihil into the boss run

Started by: ThalfieTheReshiThalfieTheReshi

I know that boss runs do not include Ambulas and Mutalist Alad V as stated in the Global Rules, but those are considered Planet Bosses, not Field Bosses; so even though they require Amino Nav. Beacons in the case of Ambulas, or the Nav Cord for the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate. If you were to craft a Mutalist Alad V Assassinate key, it technically would still be possible to include it into the run due to it taking an hour to complete. Is it possible to create an "All Planet Bosses" category to suit this?

Other thing is since Nihil has been added as apart of Nightwave Act 3, it can be accessed by the crystal in the 5th crime scene even after you complete it for the first time. Will this be in the run due to it being a major boss in 29.5 (and it may or may not get it's own node) or will it not be apart of the run due to having some prep?

Also if he does get included as a node; since Nihil currently does not have a typical end screen, the timing will end on the 9th hit on him. If he does the rules will still apply.