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Forum: Street Fighter Alpha 2

Thread: inquiry to two WR runs

Started by: skillmammuskillmammu

This is kind of an awkward situation that came up due to the change in moderation we had a while back. Previously, the categories and rules for the speedruns were inconsistent and didn't really make much sense. When we took over moderation for the leaderboard we made some changes that fit really well for the other platforms. Unfortunately SNES kind of fell into an awkward spot:

The only reason Turbo 1 was required originally was because the original rules set just blindly forced "default" for no reason (while other platforms forced other arbitrary rules sets that made even less sense).

We generally allow Turbo 2 on everything, it should have been allowed to begin with and makes really no sense why it shouldn't. I agree that the category shouldn't be called "Default" though, probably just "medium" or "normal", but even so you could still consider it "default damage/difficulty".
Having said that, if the community agrees and wants to separate Turbo 1/ Turbo 2, we can create separate categories for it.
No one up until now has complained though, so we just let it be as is and the category will just eventually "optimize its way to Turbo 2" as it always should have.

So far only one other person has brought this up (we talked to him on discord) and he ended up agreeing with our stance after some thought. But feel free to speak your opinion here if you disagree. If there is enough of a push from the community we can consider making Turbo1/2 categories for SNES. It just seems like a really awkward thing to do since we already have categories for WiiVC / Difficulty.

So yeah, basically T2 is allowed. All of the current T1 runs are mildly unfairly disadvantaged by the rules change but no one seems to really care (myself included).

All in all though, the benefit of Turbo 2 is kinda small .. it will still take a considerable amount of skill to get anywhere in the 10:30 range or lower even with T2.

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Forum: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Thread: Individual level leaderboard?

Started by: HypermaniacHypermaniac

No objections here ... I'll make the categories but unfortunately I don't have time to copy across any runs at the moment.

Feel free to copy/submit any runs you already have that may qualify for their respective IL category to make it easier on us.

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Forum: SkyRoads: Xmas Special

Thread: Autosplitter

Started by: StrandedKnightStrandedKnight

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IIRC @KrzysiekKrzysiek sent it to me ages ago. I would have to go digging for it. I'll let you know if I find it.

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Forum: SkyRoads: Xmas Special

Thread: Audio

Started by: StrandedKnightStrandedKnight

Seems fine to me. You have more or less proven yourself trustworthy and the run was live streamed anyway. I don't have a problem with it.

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Forum: SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

Thread: SVC Chaos Leaderboard Updates

Started by: JakatoXtraJakatoXtra

Looks pretty good so far! Keep up the good work!

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Forum: Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

Thread: Game seeds

Started by: happycamper_happycamper_

Changes made. GL on the seed hunting. I need to figure out how this Fake Time thing works 😃

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Forum: Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

Thread: Game seeds

Started by: happycamper_happycamper_

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Sorry for the late reply to this post, I've been pretty swamped lately.

So, what I propose is:

1. Create a "Fixed Seed" Subcategory (in which anything goes), I'm thinking this might as well just remain alongside the main categories Standard and Dragonstone. Do we really need a non-fixed seed Dragonstone category? - I mean as insane as it is that Eino and Paul Knives both got one, I don't know if its something we need if the seed can be found.

So basically it will then be 3 main categories:
Standard, Fixed Seed, Dragonstone.

2. The rules I figure will be as follows:
- For any run claiming a time under 7:00 you must include some proof that the run was performed from a non fixed seed. This can include showing a completed run (not a game over) before the run begins, or it can be a separate highlight which shows an extended amount of play which includes a prior completed run.
- Taking a moonstone from the dragon disqualifies from this category.

Fixed Seed
- Anything goes, you may use DosBox's Fake Time feature to simulate a fixed seed of your choice.
- Taking a moonstone from the dragon disqualifies from this category.

- Anything goes, you may use Fake Time to simulate a seed or not (incase you got that god luck).
- You must get a moonstone from the dragon.

Does this seem good?

The alternative is to go double subcat, fixed/non-fixed then Standard/Dragonstone separately. To be honest I'm not that fussed if you guys prefer this method instead, I'm just not a huge fan of nested subcategories. Just let me know.

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Forum: Mortal Kombat II

Thread: Snes categories

Started by: ThwompzThwompz

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Sorry for the late reply, but we don't really have much interest in creating categories for the easier difficulties on the classic MK's at this time.

However, once you learn about how these games work you will understand why that is.

1. Lower difficulties create more RNG at the early stages of the game, making things more random.
2. The game scales difficulty up as you progress through the game anyway, meaning you will be playing on the hardest difficulty regardless of what difficulty you chose by about half way through.

The hardest difficulty is actually the easiest and most efficient way to play the game as it means the AI will become more predictable and consistent allowing you to learn it better, counter it better and more consistently beat the game. You just need to take a little bit of time and learn how to beat it and you will find how out much easier this game is on the hardest difficulty.

Feel free to join the discord or ask here in the forums about the best strategies we use to beat the game. We are more than happy to help you.

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Forum: Mortal Kombat 11

Thread: Using the round-clock to calculate In-Game-Time (Combining platforms)

Started by: TenkaTenka

@WoolphiWoolphi I can't speak for Injustice 2 as I don't mod it.

@TheKombatKingTheKombatKing and @NerdyNesterNerdyNester are welcome to give it a try over there if it is suitable for that game. I would recommend taking the discussion over to the forums of Injustice 2 though, just to keep things on topic.


Forum: Mortal Kombat 11

Thread: Using the round-clock to calculate In-Game-Time (Combining platforms)

Started by: TenkaTenka

@Arcoverde13Arcoverde13 I understand. I few people on Discord also pointed out to me some other issues with this method - actually Krushing Blows not counting towards time could impact the main strategy far more than I expected as some characters have very easy Krushing Blows that do a lot of damage.

As I explained on Discord though, I want to make sure everyone has a say and we will only go ahead with it if the majority agrees with it. However, so far the response has seemed exclusively negative to this idea, so its looking like we probably wont be going ahead with it. Thanks for the feedback.

Nevertheless, I'm still willing to hear all opinions on the matter. Everyone else is welcome to post their thoughts. Keep in mind that opinions of actual runners of the game will carry far more weight than that of the opinions of bystanders/ non-runners.


Forum: Mortal Kombat 11

Thread: Using the round-clock to calculate In-Game-Time (Combining platforms)

Started by: TenkaTenka

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Hi guys,
We were in talks a while back about a load time removal method so that we can combine platforms on MK11.
The technicalities of doing this sort of fell apart on us.
However I'd like to hear opinions on going for an "in-game-time" calculation method.

To do this we would simply take the in-game timer of each round in your run and subtract the starting value:
e.g. if at the end of the round you had a 231 and the timer started at 240, then that would be 9 seconds. Add together those values for every round in your run and we would have the total time of your run.

The downsides, however:

1. The in game timer pauses during Krushing blows, Fatal Blows and certain environment interactions. This means the amount of time spent in the round won't really be accurate to the In-game timer. So, this could actually change up what would be "optimal gameplay" for the run. It may actually mean that routing to include a Krushing Blow or Fatal Blow might give you an "incidental time gain" because it would pause the in-game timer, thus gaining you time.

2. It doesnt factor in milliseconds in case of a tie. When two runners have the same IGT we normally prefer to have a deciding factor that would break the tie, but that wouldn't be possible in this case.

3. It would also eliminate the "Fatality sequence" completely as well, so it wouldnt actually matter how you delivered that final hit during the "finish him" section, as the timer stops before it. It would also mean you could just .. do a fatality and not be penalized by it

I realize this method is going to make things a little wierd "in a speedrun sense" since it wont really reflect an accurate measurement of the run as a whole. However it should cover most of the important aspects of gameplay and most importantly it would be a feasible way to allow us to combine all platforms under 1 leaderboard.

Anyway, let us know what you think by replying to this post and/or talking to us on Discord.

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Forum: Mortal Kombat 11

Thread: Looking for Load-Time removal verifiers

Started by: TenkaTenka

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Yep. This idea has been thrown around a few times.

However there are a couple of other factors here which kind of make it a bit "iffy".

1. Randomly, the timer on MK11 doesnt start at 240. Sometimes it starts at 239, sometimes at 240 and it seems completely random. This means the IGT will often require the verifier to do double the effort, checking both the start and end times of each round and making the calculation accordingly.

2. The in game timer pauses during Crushing blows, Fatal Blows and certain environment interactions. This means the amount of time spent in the round won't really be accurate to the In-game timer.

3. It doesnt factor in milliseconds in case of a tie. When two runners have the same IGT we normally prefer to have a deciding factor that would break the tie, but that wouldn't be possible in this case.

Having said that, I'm still kind of open to this method despite its drawbacks. Since it would probably just be better than what it is now. Each time this method has been brought up though, someone has more or less objected to the idea and we could never really reach a consensus on it.

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Forum: Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Thread: Proposed Category Changes

Started by: TenkaTenka

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Hi Guys,

We would like to make a few minor changes to the current category setup and would appreciate any feedback before we go ahead with the changes:



1. Move "No High Punch Trick" from Category Extensions to the main leaderboard.

While there aren't "many" runs on the leaderboard that run under these rules, there are still remnants from past runs which would qualify from before HPT was discovered to work on MKT. NHPT/NME has been a pretty successful category in MK2, MK3 and UMK3 and reflects what I think a lot of people see as the "glitchless/legit" way to run these games. I see no reason why it shouldn't be treated the same on MKT.


2. Using the "Individual Levels" Leaderboard for Character specific runs

Similarly to the other classic MK's, this idea has proven effective to providing a place for people to master specific characters while not affecting the main leaderboard. While it may take time to populate every characters categories, this allows people a means of being recognized for their mastery of a specific character.


3. Add a true Any% category

Currently on category extensions exists an Any% (No Bosses) category which was originally just called Any%. However there has been some demand for a proper true "anything goes" category. This feels like a good opportunity to add it. This category will exist separately from the currently run "Bosses" category and will allow the selection of any difficulty and any tower on top of allowing the overpowered boss characters.


4. Category name changes

There will be 4 main categories as follows:
- Standard (The same as the current "No Bosses" category)
- NHPT (No High Punch Trick, transferred from Category Extensions)
- Any% (New category in which anything is allowed including any tower, difficulty and/or the use of boss characters)
- Bosses (The same as the current "Bosses" category)

"Standard" will be the new name for the main category which defines as "hardest difficulty, hardest tower, no bosses, anything goes". This is something that has worked out well in UMK3 in a similar way and serves a good way to indicate what is considered the main category.


We would like to give everyone a chance to give their thoughts and feedback before implementing these changes. We will implement these changes in the next few days if there are no significant objections.

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Forum: Diablo

Thread: Rule doubts

Started by: crepaldi_95crepaldi_95

As I understand it, the low hp + mana shield trick is more of an exploit than a glitch.

It doesnt reduce the power of enemy hits it just prevents you from being able to be stunlocked. You still take the full amount of damage that the enemy deals if they hit you.

For comparison, duping any items is not allowed in the run which is a straight up glitch.

It would be nice if the rules were better written to specify these things but it seems like the moderators haven't been active in a while.


Forum: Alien Crush

Thread: Longer Categories

Started by: baldnatebaldnate

Just a heads up guys, Since I'm no longer mod on this game. @Peanutfan22Peanutfan22 is currently away on vacation, I'll send him a DM and forward this thread to him and see if I can get his attention. If I can't get a hold of him you might be waiting a few days before you get a response, just know that its only because hes busy and not because hes inactive. He should be around soon to handle the request.

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Forum: Mortal Kombat 11

Thread: Looking for Load-Time removal verifiers

Started by: TenkaTenka

We are looking to add verifiers/moderators who are willing to undergo the task of load-time removal. This is a very tedious task, so please only put your name forward if you think you are ready for it.

For example, the moderation process would involve - at the very least - downloading every video and using a video processing tool (such as Avidemux) to find the time stamps of every start/end load time segment in a run.

We already have 2 volunteers so far. I am skeptical that we have enough, but we are in discussions on the logistics of how to proceed. If this works out and everyone is happy with their positions we may be able to combine all or most of the platforms into a single category.

Please reply to this post or contact me on discord if you are interested in helping out.


Forum: Mortal Kombat 11

Thread: What about unifying all ranks?

Started by: Arcoverde13Arcoverde13

This would be great, but it is too much of a job for just me to handle. Doing so means manually removing the load times of every single run, it is a very tedious task.

I need volunteer verifiers who are willing to help out if this was ever to become a thing. At least 3-4 people. I simply cannot do this job on my own.


Forum: Mortal Kombat 11

Thread: Two suggestions for categories

Started by: MikeyStudiosMikeyStudios

(edited: )

Aye I forgot about the IL board for PS5/XboxSX/Stadia, I'll add those now.

And yeah, pretty much adding the other towers fragments the leaderboard much more than it needs to be. On top of that the Novice/Warrior towers don't really change much to the speedrun apart from it essentially being a "shorter run".

I would be down to add Novice/Warrior Towers if we had some way of combining the platforms, therefore reducing the number of categories to compensate. But the only way to do that is to either let it be grossly unfair (due to insane load times on the newer consoles) or have people removing Load Times on each run.

If we had a solid team of people ready to take on the task of load removal on all of the runs (something like 4-5 people at least) then I could see that being an option. So far it's something no one wants to do, and I can tell you from experience that it is a big job and I'm sure as hell not going to do it on my own.

Maybe in the future if the community for this game becomes more involved and we can assemble a strong team willing to take on the role, it can become an option then.

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