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Forum: 1 Screen Platformer

Thread: Question + new possible category

Started by: Oreo321Oreo321

This category has now been created!


Forum: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Thread: WMD Skip

Started by: TeighMartTeighMart

Does anyone have any resources regarding how to correctly perform the WMD skip?

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Forum: Super 3D Noah's Ark

Thread: Mouse Movement

Started by: TeighMartTeighMart

Anyone know how to turn off the setting the defaults mouse movement on the Y-axis to be forward and backward?
Or do most people here just use the arrow keys to aim?


Forum: Gravity Box

Thread: On IL's can we get a stat that shows shots taken?

Started by: TeighMartTeighMart

It would be cool to compete for fastest time with as few shots as possible.


Forum: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Thread: IL's? Or Low% runs?

Started by: TeighMartTeighMart

We should probably get a list going for fewest turns to beat each level. It'd help with strat planning a lot. Could also divide it by New Game and New Game+.

Also anyone interested in trying to beat the game in as few turns as possible?
It'd obviously be pretty RNG heavy, but could be a fun category.