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Thread: Is there a discord server for MCF speedrunning?

Started by: HeliowolfHeliowolf

There was one but I think Donut deleted it.

If someone wants to make a new one I'm down to join. I do wanna run these games in the future (I've done MCF 2 a bit)


Forum: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Thread: Regarding the Korean versions of this game

Started by: Tebt_WTebt_W

There are two extremely rare Korean editions of this game that were released. And one of them seems like it could be slightly faster for 106% IGT.

One of them, Korean 1.0, is almost exactly the same as NTSC-U 1.1 except for a couple tiny changes.
The other, Korean 1.1, is fully dubbed with Korean voice actors and Korean text. Otherwise the same as NTSC-U 1.1.

Korean 1.0 has a glitch where once a time trial is completed, the game automatically enters three characters into the name entering screen and also automatically goes to the next part, which is finishing the level (or onto the screen where you can select restart trial or warp room if no relic is achieved). This is more consistent than manually pressing done at the bottom in other versions.

It should be possible to do the screen just as fast in real-time with going to "done", but this would be much more consistent and maybe save a couple seconds over a 106%.

It's a very small timesave and more about consistency than anything but still worth documenting imo. It's also pretty funny to think about how this super rare version could have something faster.

Here is a video of the glitch:

Here is an album I made comparing the differences between how the versions look on the disc/cover and the serial numbers.

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: What about saves and loads?

Started by: Dimension_BomberDimension_Bomber

For any% you may not load any saves.

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Thread: Time Trial WRs spreadsheet

Started by: Tebt_WTebt_W


Just like I did for crash 3 a while ago, I made a spreadsheet with all the time trials WRs for TWoC since they're spread throughout several websites.

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Android

Started by: MarcosggizyMarcosggizy

Mobile emulators are not allowed, no

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Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: it's not impossible

Started by: louguelougue

What does a 100% speedrun of this game entail?

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: How to access the password screen on NTSC-J

Started by: Tebt_WTebt_W

Thanks to dass for finding this!

The password screen used to be inaccessible on the japanese version, but now it turns out there are inputs you can do at the title screen to access it. This is good news because now a memory card is no longer needed for practicing 100% on console and now things like respawn cycles carried across gem screens and key bonus rounds can be practiced without first having to make a save file.
Here are the inputs:

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Left Right Circle

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Regarding newly found ways to do zip-zag in real-time

Started by: Tebt_WTebt_W

LeKukie figured a way to use analog sticks (and also tools most of the time) to perform zip-zag (not to be confused with zig-zag which is what we all know and love and is used in most crash 1-3 runs) RTA. This tech is used mostly just in TAS and requires alternating opposite directions every frame, and getting the analog messed up with a tool like a rubber band makes it "viable" since you only need to get that fast mashing on the dpad.

However, Crash 1 does not natively support analog and the only way to "use" it is by using certain controllers (mostly third party) that can map d-pad to analog.

Therefore, zip-zagging will be banned for Crash 1 RTA speedruns due to the game not having the "analog" you need for it natively supported.
The use of controllers that can map d-pad to analog will still be allowed for use in this game, but not for zip-zagging because that is the only thing the controller provides a stupid advantage for which should not be usually possible within the game.

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Thread: individual level categories?

Started by: DrunkGeckoDrunkGecko

I believe so yeah.

As for the Crash games that have time trials it looks like the remakes have time trial leaderboards here.
Crash 3 I made a spreadsheet of every time trial WR and there's a couple websites with leaderboards. TWoC is similar but there isn't a spreadsheet with the WRs, same with stuff like XS and N-Tranced

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: individual level categories?

Started by: DrunkGeckoDrunkGecko

This was before I started (pre 2015) but I believe there were ILs on speedrun.com for Crash games but they were removed due to lack of submissions.

Most speedgames don't have them unless there's an ingame timer it seems.

One issue for this game would be global cycles, so if you wanted the ILs to be " fair" you'd have to have die before starting the timing or something and even then glitched cycles become a thing.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Any% Sunset Vista game over abuse skip

Started by: Tebt_WTebt_W

(edited: )

If you complete the Tawna bonus round in Sunset Vista and game over, you continue at Koala Kong on the map. If you do all the fast cycles for this and do the no death abuse setup for the 3rd floor out of bounds, you save 10-12s over the 40:07's cycles.

Important notes:
- This is not worth going for if you already are not good enough to copy the 40:07's Sunset Vista cycles. Most of the timesave in those 12s is from the cycles you get while going for the token and the fact you don't have to death abuse to skip the box cutscene.
- If you die an extra time in the levels leading up to or in Sunset Vista you will game over which kills your run immediately. Think about your consistency when going for this and whether you have exhausted other timesaves much greater than this available. EDIT: You also risk getting the Tawna bonus softlock that can happen sometimes. This is definitely not marathon or race viable lol
- This game over abuse trick to continue at the next level works in a few other levels (see https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​yIgk8ib ) but Sunset Vista is the only case where it saves time due to other levels having longer bonuses and/or the 3rd token being super close to the end of the level.

If you have to death abuse extra times this will save less and less. Here is a route for what extra lives to get: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​kRiBZKS7
The lives you get in the last couple levels of island 1 will vary depending on if you do the OoB in Native Fortress or not, but I have routed this out in the pastebin.

You may feel intimidated by the idea of a no death abuse OoB setup in Sunset Vista since it's precise, but the setup is actually very free. Basically just hug the invisible wall I do in the video below and it should work 100% of the time.

Note that there are more cycle tricks you can do in the climb up to the 3rd floor but it seems they don't save cycles so they don't save time.

Video of the game over abuse skip, getting the tokens, and the cycles that save those 10-12s:

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Forum: Donkey Kong Country (GBC)

Thread: Anyone out there?

Started by: bruceedwardbruceedward

For 101% if anyone doesn't know you need to do 3 loops of the game to get all 18 sticker pads, though you can do the bonuses on any of them:
- 1 normally
- 1 with dk barrels off
- 1 with star barrels off

Perhaps if this game somehow gains interest an in-between category for just 1 loop of the game with bonuses could be added, kinda like a traditional completion 😜

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Thread: Time Trial Leaderboards

Started by: PeteThePlayerPeteThePlayer

I have made a spreadsheet with every TT WR for both NTSC and PAL so people don't have to search for them:

@anyone feel free to contact me or reply here with corrections or updates



Forum: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex


Started by: KyeXKyeX

If a lot of people show interest in the category then perhaps that would be a legitimate reason to add it. For now though it appears to be only you. Also saying what's the harm isn't a great reason for why to add a category. If every person's category suggestion got added everywhere on this site then it would be a mess.

Keep in mind as well that the crash leaderboard mods have discussed trying to get a category extensions board for the crash series up and running at some point and honestly something like this would be more fitting there than on the main leaderboard.

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex


Started by: KyeXKyeX

(edited: )

I think that most people won't really be too interested in a category like that. The levels don't really become much more interesting with the new powerups especially considering the large amount of vehicle levels in the game. Also considering most of the warp 6 levels aren't too interesting in 106% except Solar Bowler, they'll probably be even less interesting as any% playthroughs.

You can still play the game however you like even if there isn't a category for it. Don't have to submit everything to this website.

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Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Very Specific Situation

Started by: SRGTsilentSRGTsilent

Yeah as long as the iso or whatever that's on the bootleg CD hasn't been modified to change in-game stuff, you're fine.
There's a crash trilogy bootleg out there that has been ran on and there weren't problems.

Thank you for asking first 🙂
Any other questions you have, feel free to post more or join the crash 1 discord and ask there.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Places to practice zigzag

Started by: Tebt_WTebt_W

(edited: )

forward zigzag
cycle practice
- lights out any% cycles/jaws of darkness god cycle (death abuse at the first checkpoint in lights out, and try to catch the best cycles you can in lights out and jaws).
open area practice
- bridge levels
- jungle rollers straight path after the arrow+striped crate (clear the obstacles first)
- toxic waste (really good for improving on keeping your zigzag less "all over the place")
left zigzag
cycle practice
- great gate any% god cycle (death abuse at the checkpoint and beat all the cycles).
- native fortress end cycles (death abuse at the last checkpoint, and try to repeat the cycles seen in Koji's 40:27).
- slippery climb any% respawn jesus cycle (suboptimal but good for improving movement. die at the start of the level, don't do any spike jumps at the start, and beat all the cycles. the stairs at the end of the first floor require decent zigzag to make).
open area practice
- beginning of native fortress
- extra life cache in castle machinery
right zigzag
cycle practice
- heavy machinery any% jesus cycle (death abuse after the checkpoint, do standard strats seen in Koji's 40:27 so you are set up to start zigzagging to the right in order to beat the 5 steam vents near the end before the platform that goes up)
- slippery climb 2nd floor any% god cycle (death abuse after the checkpoint
open area practice
- beginning of native fortress
- extra life cache in castle machinery
downward zigzag
cycle practice
- boulder skip in boulder dash (after the 2nd checkpoint: outrun the boulder to the point where you can ride the purple gem to the secret area without having to wait for the boulder. note that this is easier on ntsc-j since the boulder is slower on that version).
- sunset vista any% god cycle from boulder dash death abuse (die at the first checkpoint, zigzag hard, and try to get cycles in sunset vista)
open area practice
- boulders (more of an open level with no cycles to worry about. before the first checkpoint there aren't many obstacles in the way).

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Forum: Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects

Thread: Skip all levels glitch

Started by: Tebt_WTebt_W

(edited: )

There is a neat glitch in the first three MCF games (though it feels harder in Huntsville and Ravenhearst) that allows you to skip all the levels after completing the first one.

Pulling this off requires some really hard mashing on the "NEXT" button that appears after beating the first level. Normally, hitting this button moves you to the next level, but it seems that if you mash fast enough, each additional mash will skip 1 level. If you mash enough times, you will be brought to the screen that is supposed to be before the final level in which you find the jewel box and stuff, but when you hit "Start Investigating" it brings you to the message from the Queen which means you beat the game.

This glitch is odd mainly because it's weird to think that the developers oversaw this bug. Though, it's not a simple skip to pull off as it requires fast mashing on your mouse. I think this might be lag based, though I'm not positive.

Oddly, your time isn't displayed in the "top agents" list on the main menu after you finish. However, you can still see your time in the save file menu and on the jewel box level screen.

EDIT: It has been confirmed to be lag based. You'll need a slower computer to pull this off.

Here is my really old video demonstrating this:


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: GV-USB2 shows up on Amarec, but not un OBS?

Started by: KylovicKylovic

I have this issue too. Sorry to bump an old thread but I'm really desperate for a solution. I'm getting that same gray background with gv-usb2 selected and the same settings. If you or anyone else have since figured out a solution, please let me know.