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Thread: New Gamegear/Wonderswan/NGP Community Discord

Started by: Team_CaffeineTeam_Caffeine

I am trying to bring fourth a speedrun community that focuses on Obscure handheld systems, Gamegear, Wonderswan, Neo Geo Pocker, N-guage, Atari Lynx. So if you run games in any of these systems, and or you run very obscure games for the gb/gbc, then you are welcomed to join the discord. It is brand spankin new, be the first member 🙂 Discord invite link is


Forum: Grand Theft Auto

Thread: Question about GTA collectibles category

Started by: Team_CaffeineTeam_Caffeine

Im just wondering this and sorry if its a dumb question I am a noob to speedrunning. Is it a rule that you have to start at a new game? Like say on GTA 4 for example, to get the "All flying rats" category. There are ones on the other islands, would I be allowed to submit the run on a save file that already had the islands unlocked? Or do I need to include unlocking of the islands in the speedrun? Thank you -naz