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Thread: Submission rules question

Started by: Avin_ChaosAvin_Chaos

Fresh start so there won't always be characters with the same godlike stats loaded from a savestate or something like that. It takes like 5-10 minutes to get three characters with decent stats so it's not that bad.


Forum: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance (NES)

Thread: Learning this run

Started by: Avin_ChaosAvin_Chaos

No fancy tricks as far as I'm aware of. I just made up a route on the fly and that's about it.


Forum: Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

Thread: Electro quick kill?

Started by: JwillyverseJwillyverse

I don't believe anyone knows how to control Vulture properly. People have tried looking into the RAM values for Vulture fight and still couldn't find anything he does consistently. If you're really good with timing, you can land 4 hits on Vulture when he lands. That's about it.


Forum: Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

Thread: Electro quick kill?

Started by: JwillyverseJwillyverse

You need to get a jump kick from upstairs that hits the switch. This way Electro doesn't have time to regenerate half of his health back up.


Forum: Kid Niki: Radical Ninja

Thread: 100% run category

Started by: The_Retro_ChallengerThe_Retro_Challenger

I'm going to assume that you mean a warpless category. The warps are very easy to execute and the content you go through that the warps would skip doesn't add anything meaningful to the run. There is absolutely no need for another category for this game.


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Thread: Playing american NES in Europe (PAL)

Started by: Gaming_Owl_86Gaming_Owl_86

Here's a couple of pointers that might help. I might be forgetting something so don't hold it against me.

-AV Famicom is a much better option for European runners. Postal fees from the US are ridiculous so getting a toaster from the US can often be more expensive. Also, a toploader with composite. What's not to love?
-Every serious runner has a flash cart for practice purposes in the form of either a Powerpak or Everdrive. Everdrive is currently considered as the superior choice.
-If you want something else than black and white you need to have a CRT that's one of the later models and supports the NTSC signal. Only advice I can give here is to try and google up some manuals and find it from the technical info.
-Vast majority of NES runners use GV-USB2 as their capture card. It costs around 30 euros on ebay and ships for free from Japan.
-New power supply instead of the US or JP one that you most likely get with the console you buy so your console won't fry instantly. I got mine from here when I got my setup

I won't really go into the wiring as I don't know all the technicalities. But you do need a few RCA cables and splitters. Maybe someone else can jump in to help with that stuff.

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Forum: Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

Thread: Should SMS version be added as a category?

Started by: color_theorycolor_theory


We generally try to keep all the NES games on their own separate boards so that you wouldn't have cases where people who don't know anything about the other versions would end up verifying those runs. It also keeps things a bit cleaner in my opinion.

So go ahead and request a new board.


Forum: Astyanax

Thread: Change of rules

Started by: TarbashTarbash

Due to the recent influx of suspicious offline emulator runs we, as the moderators, have decided to change the rules so that from now on all emulator runs which would place in top 3 must have been performed live on stream. If asked to, you need to be able to provide footage of the whole stream. We are aware that you can also cheat on console but the number of console runs rejected for all of NES is pretty much non-existent.

We are also aware that different cultures might not have a habit of showing progression runs but having no prior history of submitted runs and showing up with top times immediately will raise suspicions.

This change was done because the onus shouldn't always be on us to prove that something is wrong about shady runs. It doesn't take too much extra effort from the player to provide sufficient enough information for us to see right away that everything is OK.

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Thread: Solbrain run that isn't on the board.

Started by: HurricaneMixerHurricaneMixer

There's only a few parts I can quickly think of where turbo comes in handy:
-Destroying walls in first stage
-Killing the three dudes in the beginning of the middle stage by spamming minimum height jumps and punches while moving nonstop
-Destroying the fans in bottom left stage with the same technique (A lot more hp in US version)
-Faster firing rate while jumping with the final powerup
-Guaranteed quick kill on the circus stage boss in J version

The Brazilian guy submitted a casual playthrough where he used turbo and didn't understand it was not allowed.The Chinese guy thought he could get away with it and did for a while (Too long story to explain). HassenZero on the other hand just blatantly decided to cheat because, in his words: "The Chinese guy also has turbo in his run so why can't I?"


Forum: Shatterhand

Thread: Solbrain run that isn't on the board.

Started by: HurricaneMixerHurricaneMixer

Thanks, I will have to take a look at the first one.

The Knjazvetal run has been rejected for loading a savestate in the beginning of the run. HassenZero in the bottom uses turbo in this and various other runs and was rejected for that. I have also rejected his runs in other games for savestate abuse. As a cherry on top of the cake, he has been banned from this site and all his runs got removed in the process.

There's also been a couple more runs rejected for turbo. One by a Brazilian and one by a Chinese guy, in case you happen to bump into them in the future as well.

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Forum: Ninja Gaiden (NES)

Thread: Opinions on removing Sanaefroggy's 11:58

Started by: WhiteHat94WhiteHat94

Besides what has already been pointed out, probably the most notable thing for me is the lack of extra slashes. If you watch any other attempt from that stream, you will notice the need to try and squeeze in extra slashes almost everywhere. I'm a huge fan of bunny-hopping and I can tell you that such neurotic behavior isn't something you just forget to do all of a sudden.

I only made it to the end of stage 4 in all attempts before getting too tired. There were 4 runs that made it to that far. Three of them (including the 12:38) had 60, 64 and 55 extra slashes respectively with all the slashes during the part that could've been double bird boost excluded. The "gold run" had only 26 needless slashes up until that point. You can compare the behavior to other runs as well and still notice the difference.

There's also a couple of things with item drops that stood out. In the beginning of 3-1 when you have to climb up the first structure, you have a 1000pts drop at the top. Every run but the PB prefers to slice it from down to up (obviously because you can get an extra slash in after) but the PB does it the other way around. It's not even a case of overshooting the jump as there are other instances where the jump prior to it is the same. You also have a 500pts drop in stage 4-1 before the first hammer bro. The PB run is the only one that completely ignores it. Of course this isn't that glaring, but still adds to the pile.

All I'm trying to say is that consistency is a thing. When you watch different people running the same game, you will notice that people have their preferences and will stick to them pretty much all the time. Quite clearly slashing needlessly like a madman was a common theme during this stream at least - except during that one run. Forgetting to add enough personal flair while fabricating a run could easily happen when you're focusing too much on making the actual tricks look believable.

There's just way too many things about this run that don't add up. I personally don't believe that this run is legitimate at all.

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Forum: Wrecking Crew

Thread: Why are runs being timed different?

Started by: TarbashTarbash

The current PB by JoshKeys has character starting movement at 0.03 and the high score is displayed at 1:47.81 which obviously does make it a 1:47.78.

Then we get to the current PB of pip_johnson where the first frame showing character movement shows 0.09 on the clock and the high score is displayed at 1:47.82. By all means this run should be 1:47.73 by using the same timing method as in the run of JoshKeys.

So why is pip's run marked as 1:47.79 when it's clearly the WR?

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Thread: How do people feel about this idea...

Started by: RottDawgRottDawg

If the goal of the run is to just beat each stage, I don't really see how it would be a bad thing to change the order to minimize RNG. Shatterhand, a game I run, for example has stages from A to F and you can pick the order. You start off with F because no one would ever run the game if you had to go through the stages in alphabetical order and then reset to bad RNG in F after completing 5 of the stages.

It just sounds like more clever routing to me. If cutting down on the RNG part would make the game have more optimized times due to people being able to get more shots at decent runs, I would say it's only a good thing. You are still meeting the requirements for a 100% run anyways.


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Thread: Question about an NES Speedrun.

Started by: SandbagXSandbagX

As you may not be aware, emulator runs were completely banned for NES during the SDA era due to it being so easy to cheat with them and taking too much effort to actually track it down if done properly. When this site appeared emulators became allowed as many of the newer runners felt like that was needed in order to grow the community. The suspicion of cheating is still there so we have a bunch of "a-holes", as ShaneO put it, trying to spot sketchy stuff and react when needed.

We still follow the old SDA rule of not being allowed to do anything in runs that is not possible to do on original hardware. Emulator runners demanding fancy shit being allowed in the runs will just eventually end up in the community banning emulators again and I'm sure no one wants to see that. For the list of allowed emulators, I'm sure all communities follow the lists on SpeedRunsLive.

There can still be slip-ups as shown here . When someone who isn't really interested in being part of the community comes waltzing in, requests a leaderboard and sets rules of his own for a game, there's really nothing much to be done about it. Luckily, that board is the only NES board that is being held as a hostage by turbo users.

There's been cases in the past where part of the community frowns upon taking the wrong approach in their minds when emulator runners are asked to perform live to show that they are actually capable of performing things they claim with their recordings. This Roger Rabbit case proves yet again why it pays off to be that guy who demands further proof. Rather be that demanding "a-hole" than naive and trusting in everyone playing fair. There is no 100% foolproof way of preventing cheating, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep on trying to prevent it from happening.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

I'd like for there to be an option to make the frontpage feed only show NES games for example. Following every NES game would be a band-aid fix, but as soon as someone requests a new NES game, it'd be missing again.


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hello hello. I would like to request mods for Shatterhand (NES). Tried messaging UraniumAnchor several days ago on Twitch and haven't gotten a response. He has been inactive for 3+ months on the site and from what I hear he hasn't been around Twitch a lot lately either.