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I'm an indie dev that is looking for steamers interested in speed running my game Run Jump Rabbit Turtle.

Its a platformer game with a fairly high skill ceiling.
You can see info on it here:

It's not yet released, however any streamers interested in access to the game now can email me at

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Not a streamer but this looks very similar to Celeste, possible contacting some Celeste streamers would be a great way to grab attention for the game! 😃

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So I did have a thread on the Celeste forum, but I believe it was off topic, thanks for the tip though.
I did manage to get a decent bit of traction now with some speedrunners who can now play before release.

Did a run myself and submitted it to get the game added here:

I managed to add it on twitch and added the box-art as well:

Its my first game, so I'm putting it on steam first. Then hopefully I can get it on switch and maybe other platforms.
I set it to release on 11 June... although its 99.99% done at this point. Just small changes and polish being added as I receive feedback. So far it's been very positive feedback with some QoL tweaks. Plus keyboard bindings, which I have fulled added.

My email is still above if anyone has any questions or comments. Hopefully its added as a new game here soon!

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The game sounds good I can't wait to try it


I've added a few patches to tweak the gameplay based on steamer/youtuber feedback. The control just feels great. I've always felt my game had good controls, but the extra quality of life changes really helped I think. I did add some funky math to the red spikey block's collision code so that it "feels less strict". Basically you get 4 pixels of forgiveness when touching them (technically they are a tilemap, so they dont even have hitboxes lol).

Anyway, I have some extra steam keys for the game. Try to be honest and just take one then reply to the thread saying which one you used. I realize this is the internet and that might not happen, lol. Anyway, here are 5 keys that will give access to the game before release through steam.

Also, for those that have a moment it helps indie developers a ton when someone just wishlists their game. Something to do with steam "algorithms"... or at least that's what other indie devs told me. So anyone who doesn't mind: https://store.​steampowered.​com/app/1076050/Run_Jump_Rabbit_Turtle/



I'll give this a spin over the weekend and try to give some feedback. Seems like an interesting platformer.


I took TP4H4... played it for about 20 minutes so far, the platforming mechanics seem pretty solid, there's a bit of a learning curve but I'm not having too much trouble with it even though I'm not particularly experienced with 2D platformers. I'll keep playing it to get a better idea of how I feel about the mechanics, but right off the bat I can recommend some quality-of-life improvements for the game itself.

1. Native controller support would be nice. I understand implementing it can be kinda tricky and Steam's built-in controller remapping eliminates a lot of the need for it but I still think it would be worth having. Getting an on-screen prompt to press K and then trying to figure out which button on my controller is mapped to K is not ideal.

2. The text looks... pretty bad honestly. It looks like it's very low resolution and being upscaled way more than it should be. The pixelation and anti-aliasing on it make it slightly difficult to read, and definitely pulls me out of the game a bit.

3. The name selection thing could use some work. There's that on-screen keyboard thing that pops up, but it doesn't seem to... do anything? I expected to be able to navigate it with the arrow keys or with the control stick/DPad on my controller, but the arrow keys didn't seem to do anything and attempting to use the controller just typed WASD into the text box (another reason to have native controller support). 99% of people will just type their name in like normal people and never notice but the 0.0001% of people that treat their keyboards like NES controllers would appreciate being able to use it. Also, I noticed that while attempting to create a new profile in the profile menu, pressing backspace actually just cancels creating the new profile instead of doing, you know, backspace stuff. This is infuriating.

4. There's a lot of general UI control issues. I generally expect to be able to use the arrow and Enter keys on menus in games, but the arrow keys don't work and Enter only seems to work on some menus. On Yes/No prompts (such as the "Speedrun Mode?" prompt while creating a new profile) it's not 100% clear which option you have selected (I correctly assumed that it was the white one, but I think it would be a good idea to have a highlight around it or something just to make it a bit less vague). Also, on the "Speedrun Mode" prompt, pressing Escape seems to just continue forward instead of going backwards as you would expect it to. And there's the aforementioned backspace issue. Overall the game's UI control just seems somewhat inconsistent with itself as well as other games.


I'll give it a try over the weekend and let you know what I think. ShikenNuggets wrote what seems like some honest feedback. 🙂 I'll give mine soon over the weekend when I get time to play it.


Thanks a ton for the feedback. I'll start getting some of those QoL things added.