Forums  /  Talk  /  why is the speedruns for streetfighter alpha 2 snes permitted at high damage level

despite the rules saying only default settings


Maybe you should ask on the SFA2 board?

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From what I can gather (checking the runs and various playthroughs on Youtube), 4 stars appears to be the 'default' on the NTSC-J release. Though I don't play SFA2 so I don't specifically know myself.

Asking the game mods of SFA2 would likely get you a better answer.

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i have a youtube video i just created to prove the speedruns for street fighter alpha 2 with the damage level set to 4 are cheated runs japan or not

cheated because they did not use default settings as the rules require


u can also see two other settings that are adjusted..aka the automatic setting set to off

and the speed of the game set to turbo 2 and not turbo 1

also how may i contact the mods of street fighter alpha 2?

  gamerX459 apologies..i found the forum location for the game itself..ill post this there

id delete this thread..but i don't think i can