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Where you are this year guys ?

I visit nedderlands again.
You see me in Amsterdamm Schijndel and Maaskantje

Yes im there for the location of NK


No holiday for me this year 🙁 Although I am on an internship in Cambridge, so $$$.


Not sure for this year,but usually i visit in summer our south neighbours,Croatia 😛.More specifically,island Pag is my fav + nights (also some days) on beach Zrce and good company with me of course 😃.

Like i said in one of my previous posts,nothing to regret if you visit this place,btw club Kalypso is my fav cheaper drinks 😃 then in Papaya or Aquarius.


if i have the time this year (probably not) i go to campzone, thats 1 gb (yes gigabit) internet in a tent for a little more then a week and fucking awesome (+cheap)


In the extremely unlikely event that I have enough money, I'll go to Sweden for ESA, then Denmark for a week, then back home to Ireland for three weeks, then back here.

But eh, flights between Asia and Europe are expensive FailFish

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I might be going to Japan this summer. Pac we should totally meet up Kappa