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Not sure if there is a thready like this, but I searched and there doesn't seem to be. What are you favorite video game soundtracks?

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I own most of the official Konami x Mondo releases of Castlevania on Vinyl (and yes I know how rediculous that is from an audiophile's standpoint), so I guess Castlevania is my favorite.

I really just came here to agree with you that Xenogears has an amazing soundtrack though.


Ragnarok Online, hands down

Aside from MMOs, i really like these :
- TLoZ : Majora's Mask
- Resonance of Fate / End of Eternity
- Boktai (serie in general)
- Resident Evil 3
- Tales of Graces f

There's a few other game OSTs i like, but these stands out imo


Xenoblade Chronicles
Baten Kaitos
Star Ocean
A Link to the Past

First few that come to my mind


Doom 2
Doom (2016)
Every guitar hero and rock band game

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Destiny and it's sequel Destiny 2


Anything Pokémon, Super Mario (especially Galaxy 1/2), and many things Sonic.
Special mention to Pocket Card Jockey, just because no one knows about it but it's still an excellent game with an excellent score. Written by the same composer as many of the Pokémon games (Go Ichinose).

Edit: Seconding Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon deserves a mention in this thread!
YuGiOh Dungeon Dice Monsters has a few really nice tracks as well
Shatter's OST is so good, I'm not sure if I spent more time playing the game (I played it a lot in the past) or listening to the OST
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Video Game Soundtrack by Anamanaguchi is basically cheating but whatever :'3

EDIT: Checking my music folder Black Mesa (the fan remake) has a few really nice tracks as well


Oath of Felghana
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Ar Tonelico 2
Lords of Thunder (TurbographxCD)
Etrian Odyssey III Super Arrange - Unrest: Their Own Brand of Justice
Ys Origin Super Arrange Version - Over Drive
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma OST
Wir fliegen - Xenoblade Chronicles X
Valkyrie Profile 2 OST [Alicia Side] - Never Surrender
God Hand - Devil May Sly
Monster Hunter World - Battle / Rotten Vale
Doom (2016) has already been mentioned, Ocarina of Time,Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Undertale (not linking these)

Think I went a little too wild there, I have a lot more but I will stop here...


Quest 64 tremendous music awful game (i liked it though)


bloody tears castlevania imho is one of the best video game soundtracks


Surprised nobody has posted the JSR/JSRF soundtracks yet


A bit scary but the better music i ever heard in a video game, from Resident Evil 7 - Go Tell Aunt Rhody
A bit strange btw,idk why i like it


My most favorite video game OSTs have to be Plok (SNES) and OLDTV (PC) imo
Plok (SNES) : https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​playlist?list=PL2A1A350EBB242BDF
OLDTV (PC) : https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​playlist?list=PLGrojvvZb3f_C0B75O_L1GBhzA8x19lED
I can honestly list more of them but those two are some of my most favorite video game OST


White Tiger in Disgaea 2,
so much energy


Persona 5
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Silent Hill 3
Devil May Cry 3