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Thread: Another Emulator Thread :D

Started by: chris_chunguschris_chungus

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No offence, but if you think anyone's gonna jump into this game and all of a sudden decide to dump the several thousand hours needed to get good enough to even compete for a WR just because a category gets added for emulator, you probably need to calm down.

Also, if you have enough money to afford a laptop/pc that can run this game on Dolphin at a consistent framerate and the time/motivation to get a sub-55 on emulator...I find it very difficult to believe buying a $100 xbox plus $15-20 of other stuff for HDD installation is outside your reach.

Speedrunning this game is a lot of fun, there's no need to get so hung up on having a separate leaderboard to run this game. The joy of speedrunning can come from breaking your own limits and achieving your goals, not just being faster than everyone else.

Even if a separate category was added, the top spots would likely just get filled by the people who already hold them on Xbox within one weekend of them doing runs anyway.


Forum: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Thread: Why is there a requirement for capture cards for runs

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

Hey Sizzyl,

The requirement for a capture card after reaching the 55m threshold (something only the top 5-6% have done) reflects the need for higher quality audio and video that can be analysed by the mod team using techniques/tools that would enable them to more easily identify a splice or other tampering in a cheated run.

Btw I'm not a mod or anything, I'm just a runner who joined in October this year and initially submitted runs with no proof before providing proof once I got a tripod for my smartphone (I now have a capture card, so I'll be using that instead going forward).

Hope you give it a go, running this game is awesome.

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