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Thread: Having Issues With The Auto-Splitter

Started by: The_Wali_SpeedRunsThe_Wali_SpeedRuns

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If the autosplitter screws up your timer, you can still play the run out to the end as the run can be timed afterwards by the moderators. The main use for a timer is that it shows you and the viewer how long you've played for and how well a run is going, it's just an optional thing that a good amount of people use. All of my runs that were done on switch for example had no timer on screen as it was just inconvenient so I didn't use it.

For the part about your autosplitter, as evan said, you probably have too many split textboxes checked. The autosplitter doesn't look at the name of splits or whether it is at the end or not but rather just when the code registers that you have done a specific task like entering a room transition so it's very likely that you have checked a few if not all of them which may be there because some people split in different spots. Most people do just one for each unique area (castle town, fields, checkerboard, forest, prison, card castle, king and end) but you can have as few or as many splits as you want as their only purpose is to tell you your pace at certain points of the run heck, you can split for every room if you want. The only exception is the start and end so the timing is accurate but if you really want to, you can have whatever starting or ending time you want but it would be really stupid to do that.


Forum: Deltarune

Thread: Can i use bed?

Started by: MeetFactoryMeetFactory

This is already known. Since this is a in-game feature, it is allowed to be used in runs. True Reset runs ban the use of this skip and the regular any% allows it.

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Thread: About the rules and the dialogue skipper

Started by: MrHarlze200MrHarlze200

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Amount of active top runners is an awful way to judge how active a game is. At a high level, it can take a long time to PB, I mean I’ve been at a wall for 11 months now still trying to PB in any% lol. Also that doesn’t take into account for all the new runners, I mean we literally just went from 2 to 4 mods like 2 weeks ago partially due to the amount of new runners coming in.

Also for a rule like this, it doesn’t matter how active a game is for top runners if we’re talking about a clarification rule for new runners.

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Forum: Deltarune

Thread: About the rules and the dialogue skipper

Started by: MrHarlze200MrHarlze200

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I mean it's a literal feature embedded in the game so I don't understand how people would think that it's banned. I think people don't get the wrist protector because they don't know it exists and that they haven't seen the guide to know it exists. I'm still for it being in the rules for clarification purposes but I also feel like the people who haven't looked at the guide yet have also not read through all of the rules and they probably wouldn't even care about what the wrist protector does.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: video recording

Started by: BeckPhillipsBeckPhillips

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The rule of thumb I’d say is as long as your recording device can see specific text or number on the screen (like coin count in SMO or star count in SM64) then it’d be pretty much guarantee that you’d be fine but certain games have different rules and some games may not even need video to be verified.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: [WR] Speedruns

Started by: SrCraftingSrCrafting

I guess we could also mention "SoB" which stands for "Sum of Best" which is the cumulative time of all of the runner's best segments.

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Thread: Do you ever wonder why Video Games exist?

Started by: ProwoodStuffProwoodStuff

Video games probably exist cause 1 guy just thought one day 'Imagine a game, but on a screen'

then pong was made

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Thread: screen recorder won't capture timer

Started by: flashgame_aghflashgame_agh

Yeah I'd just recommend using OBS since it's not hard to use and it's very customisable but I will note that you don't need the timer on the video as the mods can retime the run but it's obviously preffered.


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Thread: some games shouldn't be here

Started by: TymeggsTymeggs

The rules for games overtime have changed to become more strict so yes some of those games wouldn't be accepted anymore on the site but they did before. If you're asking to get rid of them, it would just be too much effort to get find the games and get rid of them due to the amount of games on the site now plus people may have actually put some time and effort into those games and we shouldn't just take it away their achievements from them.

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Forum: Introductions

Thread: 'PVP Based Games' Rejected Question

Started by: [Deleted user]

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Yeah it 100% is because the rules got more strict because of newer restrictions in game approvals due to maintanance cost and extra effort to run the site. It's not the community size as community size shouldn't factor in the reasoning to run the game, if a game has a WR that anyone can achieve within a few minutes of playing the game, people will just play the category as a meme, I mean look at Break Dirt in Minecraft (Classic) lol https://www.speedrun.com/mcc#Meme_Categories

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Forum: The Hypixel Pit

Thread: New catagory ideas

Started by: IceBreaker420IceBreaker420

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If you mean to have the run streamed onto twitch and then submit the uncut video, you can but you'll need to highlight the video otherwise the original VOD will be deleted after 14 days while highlights don't and you can just trim the video while highlighting it anyways. This is true for 99.9% of games


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Minecraft speedrunning

Started by: GreendiscoveredGreendiscovered

Fabric is a ModLoader that is allowed in Speedruns for specific mods so it is allowed, but yeah you should ask the specific game forum since these forums are for general topics that aren’t specific to a particular game


Forum: The Site

Thread: Game Request Vanished

Started by: Kefka14Kefka14

Yeah you'd have to search the game to see if it got accepted. The site has just had a glitch where notifications weren't coming through for a few days (which looks like it has just been fixed today) so it's likely that it's been looked but the notification wasn't sent.


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Timing based on video: how do you check timing frame by frame accurately?

Started by: wawawiwa1wawawiwa1

SPRT is my favourite, no need to download the video or anything. You can't use it if the run was on twitch but you can use it if it was on youtube and it takes like a minute to do. https://github.com/Slush0Puppy/retime


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: so uh my top 6 run was removed, need clariification as to why

Started by: neptunebtwneptunebtw

If the run was rejected, there should be a message explaining why it got rejected.

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Forum: Tournaments and Races

Thread: Which GDQ Run Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Started by: ckellyeditsckellyedits

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Yeah Super Orb Bros run was nuts but I think the best one was Pokemon Blue Gotta catch em all, like wtf was that. It really shows how far we've come into understanding games and knowing what is possible.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Rejected speed run

Started by: snowhippo27snowhippo27

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The reasoning would most likely be that they want a place to have it so that you don’t just accidentally delete it which is easier to do with google drive over YouTube but would’d have to talk to the mod who rejected it about it.

You can always upload the video to YouTube unlisted so that you need the link which’d act the same as uploading it to google drive with a shareable link.

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