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Forum: Risk of Rain 2

Thread: New category sugestion

Started by: St0rmIsF4stSt0rmIsF4st

you can simply sort by character on the leaderboard


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Is QoL allowed for PoP speedrun?

Started by: GreenboltGreenbolt

no, just have a save you copy+paste into the files (theres one in resources) or unless im smokin that pack mini savestates is allowed, but dont quote me on that 🙂


Forum: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Thread: Why is my run not verified yet?

Started by: StarWingStarWing

it says on the page it can take up to 2 weeks, just be patient. it's a new speedgame so the mods are likely swamped, and compared to other speedgames, 4 days is nothing

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Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Brand new

Started by: PrimitiveDeathTVPrimitiveDeathTV

also join the discord people are nice and you will get good advice 🙂

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Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Sub 30?

Started by: RandomStuff9001RandomStuff9001

wow gwonkee dont you look stupid the tas is actually 28:59 look at this bozo bozo alert big bozo

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Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Console Runs

Started by: BlqckFoxBlqckFox

make sure game audio is able to be heard, the whole screen is viewable, and the video is watchable within reason


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Is it allowed to have a podcast in the background of the video proof?

Started by: TuinoDaToastTuinoDaToast

make sure your video doesnt get claimed or something

upload it to billi billi if it does

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Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Question for submission

Started by: StickypopcornStickypopcorn

Theres probably nothing wrong with a long video thats timestamped. If you want to take advantage of loadless time, you need livesplit to be on screen for the whole run. Otherwise, your run will be timed RTA, which is a lot slower.


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Single boss Rushes

Started by: amirshulamirshul

i mean technically hiveblood% under the category extensions is a boss rush, but there are no flat out boss rush categories.


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Sub 30?

Started by: RandomStuff9001RandomStuff9001

honestly, i dont think that a tas could get sub 30, maybe a 30:XX. RNG is a big faster but the comsob gets really really close to perfect rng. Its very hard to imagine that absolutely perfect gameplay would get sub 30

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Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Can i downpatch to if i buy the game from gog? And how?

Started by: frostyrogelfrostyrogel

haha very funny so you used to be able to extremely easily by going to Configure and then literally picking 1221 from a drop down menu, but in GOG's infinite wisdom they decided all we needed now was 1432, 1424, and 3 different 1.5 installs, which is very cool.

tl:dr you used to but cant now

please gog give me back my baby


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: 69% completion%

Started by: baobao_8baobao_8

while we all know that 69 is a very comical number, and this already kinda exists as nice%, this would have its best chance as a category extension, if it has a chance at all.


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Autosplitter for consoles

Started by: FanOfGamezFanOfGamez

Console has its own leaderboard for fair comparisons, and on that board it is timed rta


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Yo I think I found a new fast fall glitch for 1.4

Started by: ShydenPierceShydenPierce

This is known, i believe gwonkee used it a couple times for impossible any%

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Forum: 60 Seconds Burger Run

Thread: sr.com game name error

Started by: calebsmithcalebsmith

this is not right
its 60 seconds