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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019)

Thread: Stupid Question Regarding Premade Files

Started by: dgamefatherdgamefather

The grunts Link makes are determined by the same RNG that determines the Egg path (and the D4 tile puzzle order), but ONLY after you make the file for the first time. For now, listening to the grunts is simply a way to help determine that your manipulation was successful.

Using that same file as a premade file for runs thereafter will result in different grunt sounds, but the same exact Egg path and D4 puzzle patterns, so you don't have to worry about that.

In other words, no the grunts don't matter as long as you keep using that same pre-made file.


Forum: Celeste

Thread: New to the run, looking for a place to start

Started by: Nobody1441Nobody1441

(edited: )

Advanced movement tutorial by Oddbod:

Goes over all the tech runners use to go fast.

Speedrun tutorial playlist by Benteezy (8-part tutorial):

Goes through most of the basic strats (and some advanced ones) used by runners screen-by-screen in each level.

But I definitely would recommend finishing your casual playthrough before even looking at these or any other speedruns....but you do you. Have fun and best of luck!

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: Ideas for new shorter categories

Started by: Arnold0Arnold0

It's not a bad idea at all imo. Will edit with more detail later. Let's see what other mods think.

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: When Genocide Runs Hate You

Started by: The1AndOnlyJinjaThe1AndOnlyJinja

seems like your normal standard genocide run to me

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: This game is great

Started by: KVZZKVZZ

The honest truth is that stuff like this is part of speedrunning, period. No matter the game.

Games will throw shit like this at you time and time again. One thing I've learn is that the mark of a good speedrunner is being able to deal with it accordingly and persevering despite it. I've been extremely frustrated with the game in the past and stupid shit has happened to me too (I've reset Undertale over 5,000 times trying to PB), but it makes it that much more rewarding to finally PB and feel yourself improve.

The best thing you can do is learn why it happened and take measures to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. Now you know, so you know how to prevent it. In this case cookiepocalypse is right, encountering Undyne during the frame transition causes an inability to flee from monsters for the remainder of the run until you save, quit, and reload.

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: [HEADS UP] Linux Build is faster & how to obtain

Started by: smellyfeetyouhavesmellyfeetyouhave

Technically it isn't faster, since Papyrus skip is impossible, a phonecall trigger is fixed in Hotland (before the first laser section) and the jump puzzle pause glitch doesn't work in 1.01. However I've tried this myself and it will DEFINITELY improve someone's mashing if they're typically an inconsistent masher.

I know this is what you meant, but it will be faster RTA for some runners, however not everybody.

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: [HEADS UP] New Rule: File Modifications Banned

Started by: TGHTGH

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I've already posted in the Discord about this, but I feel it's important to post about it here as well.

Starting Monday July 18, 2016, any and all modifications of the UNDERTALE folder's files, including those other than data.win (but with the exception of the deletion of steam.api) will be officially disallowed in speedruns. Submitted runs with any alterations at all to visual components and/or in-game audio will be rejected.

Myself and others have come to the realization that the original "decision" to allow game file modifications in speedruns was hastily made. In fact, there wasn't much of a decision at all. Runners used them and submitted runs with them, and verifiers at the time didn't think much of it. For this, we are at fault.

The undeniable truth here is, modifications CAN be used to obtain an unfair advantage over other runners; the potential lies therein for somebody to gain time by modifying their game (examples including coloring sprites to make them easier to see, modding music for the purpose of being able to perfectly time tricks like PCE's, etc). And the potential for such, along with the gray area involved concerning what is advantageous/inconsequential to the speedrun (as well as the fact that people in the future may not be 100% honest with regards to their intents), warrants banning any and all modifications of the game's files in order to preserve integrity and prevent future runners from potentially gaining an unfair advantage.

We are not accusing anybody of anything here. If you used game modifications in the past, we are NOT calling you out. We're aware this is going to make some of you unhappy, and believe me when I say we sympathize with you. But we ultimately believe it's for the greater good of the Undertale Speedrun Community, and its future, to return to our original standard of all runners playing the same game as intended, with zero modifications, as if the game was just bought and played.

Be aware that current runs on the leaderboards using modified files will NOT be removed, out of fairness to those who used them when they were legal. (Since these runs were ultimately accepted by a verifier, file modifications in these runs are deemed to be inconsequential.)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.


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Thread: Undertale Speedrun Tournament!

Started by: TGHTGH

All of them.

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: Undertale Speedrun Tournament!

Started by: TGHTGH

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Hi everyone,

Tournament signups are complete! We have a full field of 32 runners.

The tournament bracket can be found here: http://challonge.com/undertaletourney

CURRENT DEADLINE (Round 2 Matches): August 7, 11:59pm Eastern

(Participants, please read carefully!)

-Runs will be Any% (Neutral Ending). (Runners can opt to run Glitchless if they choose)

-Tournament format is Double Elimination. Everyone starts in Bracket 1. If you lose a match you move to Bracket 2. If you lose in Bracket 2, you are eliminated from the tournament. A runner must lose twice to be eliminated, and runners can potentially reach the Grand Final match even if they lose once.

-Runners will have until a certain date and time to arrange and complete their matches with their competitor for every round. If the deadline isn't met, a disqualification(s) may take place as to not stall the progression of the tournament. (See the top of this post for the current deadline!)

-Runners MUST stream, and use SpeedRunsLive, for all races. This is to keep track of race results. If you don't have an SRL account, make one ASAP. Instructions on how to create/use an account can be found on the FAQ page on SpeedRunsLive.com. I personally recommend using LiveSplit's "Races" functionality and IRC client to access SRL, it's really easy and will make things a lot simpler. (I will also recommend, for the sake of the best racing experience, that runners compare split times to their competitors using the "Comparisons" feature. This will give runners a great idea of where they stand in relation to their competitors throughout the race. But this is up to the runners.)

-Technical problems, such as streaming issues, that interfere with the normal completion of races will be dealt with accordingly, and on a case-by-case basis.

-If you don't have fun.....ya banned kid.

Let's have fun with this guys! It's gonna be a great tournament. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.


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Forum: Undertale

Thread: If color mod is allowed, then could I just re-texture rooms to see triggers, for wrong warping and PCE?

Started by: [Deleted user]

The color mod made by Pr3tz3l does not give runners any type of advantage (regardless of any case you make to argue this), which is why it's allowed.

Editing sprites specifically to give yourself an advantage or an outside, permanent visual queue for a PCE skip, or any skip for that matter, is forbidden. It's effectively cheating.

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: If color mod is allowed, then could I just re-texture rooms to see triggers, for wrong warping and PCE?

Started by: [Deleted user]

There's a difference between a general color mod, or a music mod, and modding the game specifically so that it facilitates skips. This is a big "no" in my book. We'll see what other mods think about it.

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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

Thread: Poll: Move Which Categories to Misc.?

Started by: ZorlaxSevenZorlaxSeven

Keep - No SQWWOOB, No WWOOB, 100%, Any% (no ACE)
Misc - Everything else


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Pokemon Blue Any% No Save Corruption

Started by: f0x_f0x_

Sorry if I'm really late with this, but your options should be set to "fast" text, battle animations "off," and battle style "SHIFT", not "set." The value you're seeing is actually j. x 193, which happens when you use the "set" option. When you set the option to "SHIFT" at the start of the game (which doesn't lose you any time at all during the run), that value is changed to 129, meaning you can toss only 11 to get the HoF map value, 118.

For quite a while I didn't know this either, so my strat was to toss 75 to get 118 😛
But this way is faster by a few seconds.