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Thread: bruh

Started by: FlixerFlixer

This was mainly the original leaderboards for Pac 'n Roll Remix, but semi-recently that game got its own leaderboards, and there aren't really any other games this lb could use (except maybe Pac-Motos), so chances are this should probably be deleted someday.
By the way, here's the current leaderboards for Pac 'n Roll Remix: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Pac_n_Roll_Remix


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Thread: Master Thread

Started by: MilkMilk

Can I submit more than one game?


Forum: Namco Museum Remix/Megamix

Thread: Any% leaderboards

Started by: SuperViperT302SuperViperT302

Since I know of two people (counting myself) running Any% for Pac 'n Roll Remix, I think there should be Any% leaderboards.

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Thread: How to request a category for a game

Started by: SuperViperT302SuperViperT302

I'm sure this has been asked thousands of times already, but I'm not willing to search through the forums to find the answer. There's a game that I want to request a category for (Namco Museum Remix, Pac 'n Roll Remix All levels), but I'm unsure of how to. Can someone tell me/link me to somewhere where I can find the answer?