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Thread: Quick Question

Started by: Battle_PlaysBattle_Plays

No, the mobile version of Sonic 1 has it's own leaderboard. It's called Sonic 1 2013.


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Thread: GG to mods that verify

Started by: DarpeyDarpey

I understand it's frustrating for a lot of people waiting on their runs to be verified, but also you need to understand that this site isn't that great. Have any of you seen that "under pressure" message? Whenever any of us mods try to go in the queue to verify runs, it takes a long time to load, or flatout gives us an error message. To be honest, it's very frustrating because we know we have a lot of runs in the queue and we try to get to them. If the site ran smoother, we wouldn't have this issue.

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Thread: This game is SO HARD!

Started by: PiotrGrochowskiPiotrGrochowski

Echoing this statement; If you're being "offended" by everyone's advice and you say this game is "hard", then this isn't for you.

People help each other out to get better, not just for this game, but any game in general. If you're not gonna heed advice, then you will continue to struggle. Best thing for you to do is watch tutorials and runs to learn the game properly and work your way to getting a good time.

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Thread: Save States

Started by: NickySteingraberNickySteingraber

Save states are not allowed in runs. If we see that save states are used, it'll be automatic rejection.

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Thread: Tournament?

Started by: roopert83roopert83

I am down for Warpless

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Thread: Just a Thought

Started by: eddiecatgamingeddiecatgaming

I don't see any problem doing runs offline as long as you're able to record it in some shape or form. If I were to do something like that, I would have a live mic, controller cam, or something along those lines to make it look legit. I think if only gameplay is shown, that to me is a red flag. How will people know that it was you that truly got that time and not taking somebody else's video and claiming it's your own? Have there been any cases like that, mods?

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