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also, no need for a 16 star run when all you need is 1 death to spawn you in tippy lol

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all though it is recommended to use mupen 64, any emulator that can play the game works. Consult the discord for more details.


send seeds that you found which have good star placement, please also specify the version of your discovery.


can a mod or anybody tell me why nicro, chaos and others have new subsplits? thanks!


is sub 1 possible? Kappa


in "all coins" in the rules ccm is not listed.


you can't

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i think you should at least make a run


in the game, you can your name to: (whatever you want) saysopensesame

this unlocks dev features wich lets you beat the game in 10 seconds (less if good movement)

so we gotta add a new rule!

or else the wr is my 11.65 Kappa


to me, even a perfect tas would be ruined by the 365 sugar lumps achivement. And if we are counting the shadow achivements, then we need the 1/500000 chance achivement and the 1 year achivement. so, thats gonna be a no for me dawg.


or a good way to save 30s to 1m is to skip the multi moon cutscene somehow...

but it seems to not be currently possible right now.

would be cool to have tho!


i think there should be a new category where your goal is to get 4 billion studs as fast as possible. collecting the x2,x4,x6,x8 and x10 will be nessacary.


ok got it 😉


id like to know.


yeah cause buying from a shop will kinda be like get the 24 shines in sms witj the blue coins in 100%


i know it's possible but can we make it short enough so that it becomes a category?


bItCh It iS OuT AlrEAdy MakE dA CaTEgORieS ReeeeeeEEeeeeeeeEEEEeeEEEeEEeEEeEEeee

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