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Thread: Diablo 2 randomizer races?

Started by: SunbeamSunbeam

Hello everyone!
I've been in contact with the SpeedGaming community ( recently. They are hosting races of games where up to four players race the same game against each other at the same time. Popular examples are Metroid and Zelda. What I especially like are the randomizer races. Since I'm a big fan of Diablo 2 I asked them about D2 races. It seems that they don't host any Diablo events right now but they are open to offers should there be interest and enough players.

I recently created and released the Diablo 2 Randomizer ( I would love to see races between players using the randomizer. It could make for some really entertaining playthroughs with a mix of skill and luck.

Although I didn't test it myself I read that there is a "seed" parameter for Diablo 2, where you can set the map seed when starting a new game. Using this should (in theory) provide a fair race for all players.

Is anyone else interested in this kind of race? Would there be players to do it?

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