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Thread: PSA: Looking for Syndicate (1993) runners to take over leaderboard

Started by: SuicideMachineSuicideMachine

I've put in baldnate in charge of the leaderboard. He is far better knowledge about the game and if he has trouble keeping up, he can set up new moderators as well. I'm gone from here, cause having just started a full-time job, I really don't have time (or energy) to moderate so many leaderboards.


Forum: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Thread: mods are inactive?

Started by: matibhmatibh

I am not seeing any runs submitted...

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Forum: Syndicate

Thread: PSA: Looking for Syndicate (1993) runners to take over leaderboard

Started by: SuicideMachineSuicideMachine

That's the thing - they are not specified and I'd want someone who knows the game to take over moderating the leaderboard. Dosbox for me is a nightmare to deal with in general and I know that at least some games can pretty much take any kind of cycle value and run fine, but I have no idea how is it with original Syndicate.


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Thread: Console Catagory

Started by: llalocllllalocll

I honestly have no idea how to approach the differences between PC and console.

In fact, with "Absolution" it is even worse, because not only you have huge differences between PCs and consoles (not to mention differences between consoles themselves), Absolution has such a buggy engine, that you can observe huge differences between load times on the same PC, which was the main reason why I even wrote load remover for "Absolution", as I was getting sick of runners losing up to 25s, cause for whatever reason the loading took longer.

And then of course you have controller limitations etc. so it's even worse. So essentially - I have no idea how to solve it in a way that makes sense. I guess technically there are enough runs on consoles nowadays, you could separate console from PC for the full-game leaderboard, but that is not the case for ILs.

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Forum: Hitman: Blood Money

Thread: New Category????????

Started by: trueamerican104trueamerican104

Not very keen on that idea of killing everyone on the map in a stealth game - doesn't sound at all interesting or fast. But if you can figure out the exact numbers of NPCs on the map and others would be willing to try it - maybe I could add it as misc category.


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Thread: Hitman: Blood Money(Steam) crash

Started by: ZickZick

We actually do know about one end level mission crash case, which we speculated to be related to newspaper screens and limited to Nvidia graphics cards (Heinki when playing the game casually on - I believe - GTX 1080 Ti experienced it, as well as Kotti on then - I believe - GTX 970). However, I don't think we ever found a solution - the problems just seemed to have stopped and that was it.

However, it might be that our assumption is wrong and this issue is specific to some Windows version or some windows upgrade or something. All I can recommend is to try and update drivers to the newest version and make sure no settings are enforced from the graphics card panel (like Anti-aliasing, Anisotropic filtering, etc.)

If that doesn't help - you might want to try running the game over DXVK (DirectX to Vulkan Wrapper) assuming your GPU allows for Vulkan rendering. That wrapper recently not only was making wonders for Linux gaming but it was also solving many graphical glitches for DirectX9 and DirectX 10 games. Sadly it has some downsides like it doesn't allow for Steam overlay to work, some games exhibit some performance issues with it and of course, you need to use window capture in OBS for it.

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Forum: Hitman (2016)

Thread: Category Extensions for 2016?

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

Yeah, I am also leaning towards no. Of course, that might change if there is a sudden spike in activity, but for the most part Hitman (2016) been rather deserted after Hitman 2 was released and I don't expect it to change - the game going free to grab on EGS certainly didn't have a big impact.

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Forum: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Thread: Statistic App

Started by: Niko1975Niko1975

It won't work with downgraded version. Pointers are different and I don't plan on supporting it.

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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Request to mark as a "Category Extension" of

Yes we have "silly urls" cause, it is a really great idea to have Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and then years later Hitman 2... don't mind that.

-- EDIT --
Thank you, to whoever tagged it. I am assuming starsmiley. THANK YOU!

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Forum: Hitman: Blood Money

Thread: Requiem (level run) should not have a silent assassin category since it cannot be SA'd

Started by: Lord_SzechenyiLord_Szechenyi

Requiem has it's own level specific rules specified for a while now, which describe pretty much everything that is needed to get run verified (although don't describe the glitch itself). Recently also further specified that PRO/SA for a full game does not require doing the trick or completing Requiem with SA rating (that would invalidated pretty much all runs and it would only discourage people from running the game).

And no, it wasn't patched in later versions - tracker only works with Steam version as far as I know (unless OrfeasZ did some magic to make it work with non Steam version) and that is latest version of the game.


Forum: Hitman: Blood Money

Thread: Console and PC Version

Started by: GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador

Not sure why would you even ever play on such hardware, as nowadays even very old PCs can easily handle this game and recording it in at least 480p or at least 360p (like a PC I built in 2007) and game costs close to nothing on sales.... and I think only Xbox One has some way of recording stuff by itself, so that still requires you to have PC in most cases, which if is going to be capable of capturing and streaming the game, will generally also be also capable of playing the game...

But yes, if there is a sufficient enough of people submitting runs from different consoles, and there are enough requests to separate them, they may be split into PC/Console subcategory. For now however, there are barely any console runs submitted, so splitting it doesn't make sense at the moment.


Forum: Hitman: Blood Money

Thread: Requiem (level run) should not have a silent assassin category since it cannot be SA'd

Started by: Lord_SzechenyiLord_Szechenyi

Since you can not specify category per level, we used to reject all submissions for SA outright. But then someone brought the point, you can "technically" do SA as defined by game rules using that wheelchair trick and people starting playing with it, so it ended up being a decision between continue rejecting runs or accept runs and see where people take it.

Note that in PRO/SA runs for full game, the rules have not changed and are as they were for years.


Forum: Hitman: Blood Money

Thread: jolop is a run stealer

Started by: TalicZealotTalicZealot

Well that's sorted already. So locking it. What an asshole (fortunaty banned).


Forum: Dark

Thread: Found an out of bounds

Started by: IcoIco

Also made a guide on Steam on how to enable debug features:

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Forum: Hitman 2

Thread: Leaderboard update?

Started by: joatsjoats

As I said on Discord - I am not removing those runs. During last week I introduced a version variable and spent like 4 hours trying to tag every run that was done on versions 2.21 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.4 (done based of submission date) when the KO glitch was available. What will happen if I hear no objects, is this variable will most likely be set to be a sub category... so runs submitted before or after are not put in the same bag. Question is whatever it will be 3 sub categories or 2.

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Forum: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Thread: The use of "-nomovie" during runs?

Started by: Jungle_JonJungle_Jon

Corpse hasn't been around recently (I sort of know why, although vaguely, but not going to talk about it).

If it was up to me - I'd allow it... that is, if we're talking about pre-rendered cutscenes only being automatically skipped. Although, I'd probably define it as a separate variable.


Forum: Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

Thread: Rules

Started by: XoumaXouma

It's in the rules? Unless you mean ILs, than ¯\_(ツ)_/¯