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Thread: All Milks

Started by: xXShioxXxxXShioxXx

I've seen this idea many times and by what i have seen the best thing to do would be an example run.

When enough people run it it will maybe be added. I'm not a mod, so don't take my word for it.


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Thread: Is it ok to submit a laggy video?

Started by: SugarlordSugarlord

I'm a new speedrunner but my laptop isn't very powerful, so the video is a bit laggy.

I'd appreciate any tips to make it less laggy in obs, too.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Totally new speedrunner here.

Started by: SugarlordSugarlord

Hello!. I'm sugarlord32 (or just sugarlord/sugar) and i'm a new Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World and maybe Super Mario 64 speedrunner. I am currently practicing warpless Yoshi's Island.

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