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In OBS Studio, whenever I launch a game, it takes OBS a few seconds before it's displayed in the preview screen/recording. This is not an issue in OBS Classic at all, as it records everything from the get-go. Audio is recorded fine in both versions.

Any idea how to fix this?

Edit: more info:
• I use game capture as source. Doesn't matter if I run the game in full screen or windowed mode.
• Window capture doesn't work at all for games. I think that this could be a workaround, but I'd rather not resort to that because I'd have to give up on the resolution I get from game capture.
• I have the latest version of OBS and I run it as administrator.


This might not be the solution. But you could try the following steps:

- Did you setup a delay filter? Right-mouseclick on a source --> Filters --> Render delay
- Re-create the scene
- Remove OBS and install the application again


I'm afraid none of your suggestion helped to solve the issue.


Is the issue specifically tied to game capture?


Yes, only game capture. Other things show up immediately.


Good to know I'm not the only one. It's worth to note that this happens whether the game runs at full screen or windowed mode.
Guess the only option is to wait for an update that fixes this.


I could only record under 15 min things cause I only knew how to use Screencast-O-Matic it kinda helped me find this site lol


Capture de l’audio entrant
Permet d’ajouter une source audio entrante disponible directement dans la scène. (Un second micro par exemple)
Capture de l’audio sortant
Permet de capturer le son d’une source audio sortante disponible sur votre ordinateur, tout ce qui sort de vos enceintes (audio sortant) par exemple.
OBS offre la possibilité de créer directement un diaporama d’images et de l’ajouter comme source. Vous pouvez ajouter manuellement les photos ou donner simplement un répertoire source.