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Hello everyone. I tried to run Super Mario World using OBS Studio for record, but my computer isn't good for this. I can play normal, but the video have some lag, and I don't know what it can be. So, I want to know: it can be a bad configuration or have a better recorder for low settings computer?
Note: I'm using LiveSplit too, I don't know if it can cause the lag, and SNES9x 1.53 for play.


One of the best recording softwares at the moment is OBS. Apart from that there's xSplit, Amarec TV, Bandicam, FRAPS, etc.

Post up your PC specs and OBS settings (preferrably screenshots, host them on If you're using 60fps recordings, lower it to 30. If you're streaming 1080p resolution... lower it to either 720p or 540p/480p.


So, I take a print with Speccy:


I don't try to record at 30 fps but I will do it later. Thanks!


I recorded with 30 fps settings and this works well! Thank you again ^^


Since you have an integrated GPU by looks of it, and CPU that isn't too modern, I'd suggest trying:

File - Settings (in OBS)

Video - FPS always to 30.
Output (Scaled) Resolution to 480p or 540p

Output - Encoder from 'Veryfast' to 'Superfast'

This will affect your recording quality a fair bit, but should allow you to get video that freezes far less often. You're really gonna need a better CPU or a dedicated graphics card to utilize OBS Studio to get good quality without issues.

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Thanks Liv U help me a lot with those settings