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I'd like to run older games on the GameCube, Gameboy, and such, but I have no idea on how to capture the footage on this older systems.


You need a capture card connected to your computer and a lot of cords and such.

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You can buy an Easycap or other cheap capture cards to start with.
Or use your mobile phone / webcam to record your runs.

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As always with this topic, here is my go to guide on what hardware is needed to capture composite/s-video

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Specifically to comment on capturing GB games, not all hardware standards act the same and it can be handy to know the differences:

Many boards (but not all) will accept SGB1 times; but since it runs at consistently faster, you will have to convert them to the proper time first.
(Shoutouts to Nudua for his converter:
It is encouraged to use an SGB2 if possible though, as it runs at the proper clock speed.

The SGB2 and GBP(Running stock software, or GBi) are the main hardware standards we use in the GB community.
There are technically video out mods for DMGs, but they are rarely seem in running.

I paid about 40 CAD for my SGB2, but I've noticed the price creep up lately.

The GBP has the added benefit of playing GBC and GBA games, as well as not having to deal with SGB enhanced games (which suffer from slight loadtime issues, because of the extra data associated);
but the SGB2 has the benefit of working fine out of the box (The GBP suffers from some picture and input lag issues on the stock software, hence the use of GBi)

I think this may be -slightly- out of date, but you can read more about GB Speedrunning, as well as the technical issues with it here:

If anyone ever has any questions or issues, feel free to contact me directly ^^

SGB - Super Game Boy
SGB2 - Super Game Boy 2
DMG - The old grey brick game boys
GBP - Game Boy Player
GBi - Game Boy interface

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