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Hey Everybody. I didn't want to create a new thread about Capture Cards, since there have already been so many. My first question is wheter or not the NES Classic is allowed for most NES titles to be speedrun on? And since I'm only 16 years old I don't have enough money for the new Elgato Game Capture Card. I still want at least 720p 60fps output but I don't know which cheap options actually support 60fps. My budget is 100€ max. Please help me find a 60fps capture card so I can enjoy watching my own speedruns in good quality and upload them. I only need it for recording not for streaming. Sorry for my bad english and habe a beautiful day. 🙂


While it’s allowed, it will run slower than an actual console (you’ll lose like 10s or so every 30 minutes more or less). It’s not huge but it’s enough to prevent WR on highly competitive games. Additionally, if you mod the console to become a true emulator and play any ROM, that may not be allowed and you’ll need to check with the mods in question for the game.

I don’t have a recommendation for a cap card within that price range, my HDMI captures of choice exceed that.


You could have a look at 2nd hand capture cards on somethung like Ebay