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The instructions are simple:

Rate the layout above yours and leave feedback on it, then post yours for others to critique. Don't be a jerk, and use common sense.

This thread is meant to bring assistance / inspiration to those looking to improve their stream layouts.

I'll begin with mine:

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I like that Idea!
So here's some feedback from my side for your template:
- I like the Colors you use. Clean and simple, with good contrast and friendly for the eyes, since they aren't too bright/dark, so you can see everything without problems.
- The Game is shown primarily, which I also like since it's the most important thing. The Layout also doesn't interrupt the Game (overlap it in some way with useless assets) so another plus for that.
- It's nice that everyone can see all the important stuff on it. Quite nice how you're able to fit so much info into one Layout without making it too overloaded. Really love it, since mine looks kinda overloaded with less stuff xD

So all in one, nothing to complain at all. Just a really good layout with good colors, huge amount of information without loosing the view of the Game. 10/10 IMO.

So here's mine. Since I got multiple Layouts, I'll only show the Layouts for GBA and 16:9 here.
The Layout is actually free, and if you want it you can grab it here with allot of variation and other Colors:

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I really like @Konasumi ´s layout. Clean, focus is on the game, small on screen chat, clean colors. Well done to who did it ^^
For @PreFiXAUT ´s one, I would change the LiveSplit color. I often find white LiveSplit backgrounds to make it harder to look at for a while. Really lile the boarder around game and cam tho.

So here´s mine ^^


10/10 Really fcking good layout OP, and this is coming from someone who despises layouts for 16:9 games. 🙂


Game is large, splits are easy to read. Looks good.

@PreFiXAUT please don't overlap the game screen with your webcam


I like it, you should put a gif in a box aswell. Gives the viewer another thing to look at.


simple layouts are the best

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make gamefeed bigger @HowDenKing (you could make your splits less wide and crop out a bit of the dead space in the webcam)




@Konasumi You make really good use of the space around the game. Widescreen games make good layouts difficult.
@PreFiXAUT Lots of dead space on the bottom and the chat doesn't blend in well. Maybe center the game more? Otherwise works well. Like the input display.
@biskuit I can't tell if that's serious compression or improper scaling. If sources are properly scaled they can look very crisp. LiveSplit layout can be improved, especially by removing the gif. Simplicity is nice though.
@HowDenKing Like the one above too much empty space on the bottom. Try filling it out some like Konasumi does. Put some contact information and such. Besides that it looks great.
@Yoshipro101 Is that rescaled? If you're going to be near that resolution use 1440x810 instead. Otherwise good because you know to keep the game on the right side of the screen.

Now here's mine:
I'm a stickler for proper scaling. Results in really good compression for the bitrate and a crispy look. It doesn't help a lot for analog feeds though. LiveSplit timer font made by myself. Notifications are all on the left side of the screen so nothing EVER interrupts the game video; I hate it when layouts do that. I'll be changing things around once I have a webcam. No widescreen setup yet.


Oh hey, this thread 😛 Haven't updated it in a long time. Changed layouts like 3 times in between.
Anyways, @ROM:

I'd say a rather common layout. I'm personally not a big fan of it since all parts in the layout are clearly different and don't have a unified style. With that I mean Text-Size, used Fonts and general color design.
I know it's "complaining" on high standards, that's why my view might not be the best.
Otherwise it has all the stuff on it that it needs but also a chat which is neat because you can read the chat in the stream in full-screen mode aswell and in replays/highlights you know what the streamer is talking about when it's related to the chat.

Full-Sized for Casual games:

(3)DS Speedruns:

Normal Speedruns:

Aaaand GBA Speedruns:
I know I got allot of empty space on the left side of the game. Need to find something

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  [user deleted]

I like Konasumi and Kylovic's overlays. Simple yet effective.


Konasumi's is OP for it's simplicity and effectivness.

Do mine, do mine Kappa!!! EDIT: wow it looses a lot of clarity since it's shrunken down! I'll try to get a better picture. EDIT 2: much better, the stress post PB'ing is real.


There was a 3month break for yoshi and nobody has voted anything for him either, therfore I'll give my thoughts to all of the layouts I haven't "rated" yet.

So let's start from the top to bottom with @Kylovic:
The Layout is quite big and shows everything important. I don't know if it is from the Game, but I personally like smaller borders since smaller loss of the actual game. Therefore the thick border on the right and bottom are over the top imo, but give a cool effect of 3D which I like, so big issues there. Especially since not allot of space is wasted therefore.

The Splits on the other hand are way too big imo. They take over the entire left side of the layout which can be used for other stuff. I think more people should take a look at vertical splits since they are very space efficient and still look nice. But since you don't display allot (yet?) on the Layout except for the "basics" there's no problem either.
Text is big and good to read, everything is rather simple which doesn't mean it's bad btw and overall an very welcoming layout.
Well, everyone has their own taste and requirements. The issue with such super simple layouts is, is that every stream looks the same. Therefore it's hard to remember it and appreciate the stream. It also shows how much effort you put into streaming imo and shows me that you don't care (At least that gives me the impression).
Finally some Facecam stuff!
I like that every component has it's own place/box and is therefore easy to distinguish and to separate. But I think the Game is a bit too small compared to the other things since they do take up around 30-40% of the screen where the focus should actually be on the game. You also have allot of unused space on the bottom part which makes the size-loss even weirder. I had the same issue with my first layout which I posted so don't worry 😛

Aside from that, I noticed that you have a striped background but you don't use stripes anywhere else which I think is rather sad since you could surely do something out of it. What really bugs me tho are the splits. Better said the design of it. It's a un-styled default style from livesplit and stands out allot, rather than to integrate with the layout. My idea would be to make the background transparent (using OBS chroma key) and using a different font and colors to fit the background.

Facecam: I like the improvements that you did and think that this makes allot more sense now. But I think the position of the facecam is strange. It should be horizontally to the game, rather than vertical since humans have a bigger horizontal sight and focus than vertical. With that, viewers don't have to un-focus when they want to watch both.

All in all good Ideas, but you could think more out of the box. The current layout isn't really flexible and wastes space on nothing
Oh snap. I'm sorry, but I think this is a bit of a mess right now. It seems like you try to aim for a super simple layout, but still attempt to fit in everything else on way too less space. You have splits, chat, current song and a discord link all one side, in completely different sizes, fonts and colors.

Again like allot of people default settings from livesplit (Except for the timer). Chat seems to be captured from the browser which is really meh. You should use either an IRC Software to connect to your chat and capture that (Chatty for example) or use a web-service like StreamLabs (Formerly known as TwitchAlerts).
Then for the current song: It's too small imo and is squeezed in somehow. It's also weird with the discord link that it's that huge. Overall problems are with the fonts again, since every single one of these has an other again. You should use one or two different ones, but that's it. mixing like 5 different ones is a nightmare imo.

Also the "background" for the stuff on the left side is chosen rather bad since it changes allot between the lightning and makes it harder to read stuff.
I personally really don't like it, but I can understand that you want to put as much as possible into the view. Sadly you can't fit in everything on just such a small space, so maybe make your game a little smaller, put the discord link under the game (horizontally) as well as the current song.
Last but not least @TheOneCalledTodd
I like it that you have a customized layout and especially like the megaman and kirby work. But sadly allot of space is wasted in allot of cases.
You have a huge margin between the game and your facecam which isn't needed. You use a 16:9 game layout for a 4:3 game which gives these annoying black boxes and didn't optimize the game size in any manner.

Simply make a 4:3 space for the game, make it really big, but not full so you can put mega-man and kirby below it. Move your Twitter to the right, your split a bit more up and there you go, a much bigger screen and space for everything.

Anyways, the Splits look good, facecam on point (Still with a too big border tho) and has a very charming look. You should just optimize the layout a bit with proper positioning and scaling.


[quote​=PreFiXAUT]Well, everyone has their own taste and requirements. The issue with such super simple layouts is, is that every stream looks the same. Therefore it's hard to remember it and appreciate the stream. It also shows how much effort you put into streaming imo and shows me that you don't care (At least that gives me the impression). [/quote​]

A super simple layout may show that someone doesn't care too much about streaming, but that's no problem for me, since it has nothing to do with how much someone cares for speedrunning. It might even show that such a person cares much more for speedrunning than the average streamer with a polished layout, since the gameplay is all that matters to that runner.

Sure, there should be some minimal quality standards when setting up a stream, but anything more is really just a nice-to-have for me.


There are some solutions:
- Chat from your channel/dashboard within your browser with window capture
- CLR browser/BrowserSource and use the chat from there with this URL:
- Getting an extra local program like chatty and capture that
- Registering a service like StreamLabs (former Twitch Alerts) or TipeeeStream and use their Plugins/Solutions

I'd personally go with a service since you got a lot of customization and it's the most pretty one.


@Konasumi I spent a bit of time basing mine off yours (and tiling WMs)

would you mind sharing your split layout?

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I don't use a layout

rate that