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Could someone give me some parameters as to what I would need in my computer in order to have quality streams (basically minimal lag/buffering) with 2-4 windows open in OBS?


well what quality are you looking for? what are you intending to record/stream?

You havent really given us a lot of info to work with

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I have a backup computer that's old af. Used to have an dual core intel processor. I dropped a 10 dollar quad core into it (and a 15 dollar amd 7750 into it for good measure). Only has 2GB of ddr3 1066mhz and can stream emulators without the frame rate dropping below 60fps. before it couldn't even play emulators, now it can stream them without an issue. It just needs a bump to 4GB or more and it will be the perfect backup for console and emu speedrunning.

Now can it stream newer pc games? Most likely not. But based off the runs you've done before, that won't be a problem.


Just to give you an idea, my streaming computer is 7 years old and streams pretty much everything wonderfully.

It has the following:
i7 Intel, 6 cores
24gb of ddr3 1066 ram
NVidia 760ti GPU
A solid state drive over a sata connection

In 2011, it was state of the art. Bought it as a present to myself after heart surgery. Now, my work laptop beats it handily at nearly everything, including gaming.

Point is, anything with a recent i5 (or AMD equivalent), 8gbs of RAM, a halfway decent GPU, and a solid state drive is very capable for streaming. Unless you are trying to play cutting edge PC games at max settings (which for speedrunning is a terrible idea anyways), it should be fine.