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I'm tired of placing the emulator window over the OBS Screen. What other places can I put the Emulator Window on OBS.


I'm honestly not sure what you are asking.

Can you post a screenshot?


How can I see both my OBS recording and Emulator Window at the same time.


Have two monitors? This is a nearly impossible question for us to answer because it depends entirely on your monitor and how many you have. If you have more than 1 monitor than this is obvious to solve. If you have only one monitor, then it’s trickier or just not possible. If your resolution is high you can probably manage to fit both side by side if you shrink them, but if your resolution is low or average, then you might have to really shrink one or both to fit it (and even then you might have overlap).

This really isn’t a question we can answer though. You know how much screen space and area you have and we don’t, you’re going to have to mess with changing the sizes of the windows and see what you can fit where if you want to see it all at once.

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Yea having trouble deciphering what you're asking. If this is about making it so you can record your run that includes "full emulator window" .. then you will need to use "Display Capture" to capture your entire screen, but use Alt+Left Click and drag on the display box in OBS to crop to the area of your screen that just contains the emulator window.

Assuming your screen is big enough (or windows small enough) you can then have OBS beside your Emulator window and it only shows the Emulator window in OBS .. allowing you to view both ... if thats what you were after.

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