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Hi ! Lookin' for a capture card to record my xbox one, any suggestion?

Not so expansive


Define not so expensive.

You’re not going to get a capture card for less than $150 or so if you want it to be decent quality. You can maybe get closer to $100, but the quality of the capture card gets lesser.

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I can’t suggest anything until you tell me your budget.

If you want good, solid quality always go internal but that will be around $150 or so. Something like an Elgato HD60s. There’s also similar models that are USB from Elgato.

If you want cheaper than that, maybe a low end Avermedia.

I use a Magewell HDMI Capture Plus, but that's $300+.

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If you just want capture and that's it, you can find AverMedia card for about $80. I know someone who uses a Live Gamer Portable LITE and hasn't really had any issues with it thus far, just feature wise it's a little limited.

The delay on these (tv compared to feed on OBS) is rather low also. It was about 300-400ms last time I checked.

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I use the Live Gamer HD Lite and it works perfectly fine,
no delay on it as far as I can tell on passthrough, I tend to use it to record my desktop from time to time as well.
only issue with it is the limited resolution/framerate.
maximum it can do is 1080p30, or 720p60.

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currently using a AverMedia Live HD2 or w.e its called and its rather expensive with basically no delay.
I use to use Live HD1 before that which is around $100 now internal card.

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Yeah i don't search to have an optimal quality, but 720p60 is i think required.

About my budget i think i have around 100 euros. Maybe an avermedia card for 80$ like @LivLiv said can be good. Now i have to search on internet and i'll tell you. Whatever, thx for all your answers 🙂


Yeah I would see what u can search for within ur budget should be able to get a decent Aver card for that much.

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