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so posting this here since there is a section for it, but I have been having a problem that is fairly consistent with streamlabs OBS.
While streaming, My stream will randomly go down and reconnect, which is a problem for speedruns obviously but that isn't the only issue, it seems to be that my internet as a whole cuts out for a second, but only when I stream.
I noticed this because I would stream CS:GO or Hearthstone and be disconnected from my games when my stream went down.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue or if anyone has any ideas to possibly help fix this issue?


A better place to start would be the Streamlabs OBS Discord. They have very active Support members in there. They should be able to answer your question and possibly debug the problem.

I myself stepped off SLOBS a while ago since the application is more CPU intensive than the regular OBS Studio for basically no real benefit other than better integration with their site. But you can just work around that by simply only adding the Streamlabs sources you need through OBS Studio.

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