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Greetings there o/

YESYESYES "Do not stream on shit hardware", "Get money and good PC" blabla 😃

My main PC just died and i need to exchange the half setup to get it running again <.<

So i use a laptop now. (1.6Ghz, 1.5GB ram, 128MB graphics and wind XP) It is enough for Rayman origins and lower stuff like Rayman 2, Super Mario world etc.

Since this is my first speedrun i don't expect much. I just want to try it but (if possible) stream it on twitch. OBS and Xsplit are all for WIn7 and DX10+ so here is no option.

So here my question, does anyone know a streaming software which wont roast my laptop entirly for windows XP?

(If not i record it with bandicam and upload it then ^^)

Thanks for the help in advance! o/ See you on the scoreboard (some day maybe)


I don't think there is a solution, but keep in mind that you could always use a camera, cellphone, or camcorder to take video as well.


Hm... The quality would suck as hell q.q

Are there some speedrun rules on this side and what it takes to get a run verifyed. (also how to submit one)?


Just record it locally and upload to youtube.No stream software worth using can operate on those specs.

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Yeah with those specs, I doubt you could handle a game with an emulator and streaming at the same time (and capture cards won’t have drivers that old).

Also, it’s not “don’t stream on shit hardware”, rather you need minimum specs to be able to do it (just like anything) and one of those is to not use an OS that’s over a decade old and no longer supported by modern software or even its company lol.

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I use Streamlabs OBS which works perfect for twitch and its more or less easy to use, youll figure it out. check it out