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Hey I would like to capture my switch gameplay and know that a capture card is the answer, but i have no idea what I need. From looking about, it's not making any sense to me, could i have some advice?

My first constraint is cost. I want to spend as little as possible.
Secondly, I have a PC i can use and can plug into that, if needs be (i think this should lower the cost)

I don't need any bells and whistles, like (and i might be making some of these up) direct streaming, built in hard drive, microphone, floor sweeping capabilities, all I want to be able to do is send a signal to my PC to record.

I don't know if it would split the signal or if i'd play through my PC, but as long as there is 0 lag (so i can actually play it) then i'm happy.

If you can give some examples of the bog standard capture cards that would fit my bill, and mention any criteria I should be looking out for, then this would help so much.



I got an Elgato HD60 Pro for capturing my switch, which also includes HDMI Passthrough, so I can play on an HDMI monitor without any lag. There's also the HD60S that doesn't require opening your PC to install a PCI-E card as it's a USB device instead, but I don't know if that comes with an internal splitter like that. The capture in OBS (added the card as Video Capture Device bypassing the HD Capture Software) looks about a second delayed to me, so likely not very playable without a splitter.

Note that if you happen to still be on Windows 7 you'll need to find the older version of the HD Capture Software and drivers (should be on the same page mentioned in the instruction booklet) and may also need a patch for it (I found the one for the HD60 Pro on reddit, posted by someone who works at Elgato and was marked as such by the subreddit moderators).

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You do not need to bypass HDCP for Switch surprisingly. Just have a Capture card that allows Pass-through.