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So yeah id like to record/stream ps1 games on my PS2 but the resolution(or what ever it is) is too small for the capture card so i cannot capture it
i could use the PS3 to play PS1 games and record them that way i just have a problem that the PS1 game id like to capture is PAL Ape Escape and it has anti piracy that gets activated when playing on PS3 preventing me from going past the title screen
is there someway of "scaling up"(or what ever) the video from the console that my capture card would capture it

Sorry if thats hard to read or made no sense


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “the resolution is too small”, but I’m pretty sure your issue is that PS1 games, even when played on a PS2, are in 240p. The LGX only supports 480i/480p and up from what I know, so that’s why you’re not going to see anything.

That being said, how are you connecting the PS2 to the LGX? If my memory serves me, the LGX only has HDMI input (maybe component?) so that would imply you’re using some kind of upscaler if it doesn't have component. If so, what upscaler are you using? Most of them, even the RetroTink-2x should output at minimum 480p which should mean you’ll have no issues. So, the issue might be there or might be with how you’re connecting to the LGX. So some more details there might help.